MEGHAN Markle is rumored to meet Donald Trump on his first official visit to the UK – after branding him as a "misogynist".

The Duchess of Sussex plans to attend a dinner with the Queen, who will meet the US President for the first time. The Palace sources are silent on which members of the royal family will be present, but at least one royal expert has said that Meghan could be included. And that could turn out to be a very embarrassing encounter after ex-actress Trump hits the 2016 US elections as a misogynist. Speaking on the television program Comedy Central's Nightly Show, Meghan said host Larry Wilmore, "We're filming suits in Toronto and I could just stay in Canada, I mean, come on.

MEETING: Meghan Markle could welcome Donald Trump to the UK

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Harry and Meg are done now!

PA wire / PA pictures

The Duke and Duchess posing with pages and bridesmaids for an official portrait

"We know Meghan's thoughts about Trump before she got married"

Richard Fitzwilliams

"If that's really the reality we're talking about, come on, that's really a turning point in how we move around the world." "Trump is splitting, think only of female voters." I think in 2012 the Republican Party lost the female voice by 12 points. "That's a huge number and being as misogynist with someone as Trump is and being so loud about it, that's a big part of it."
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Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry and the Queen to the annual Young Leaders Awards


Queen Elizabeth is sitting next to Meghan Markle

The comments came before Meghan met and talked to Harry, but they still felt embarrassed when she met Trump. King expert Richard Fitzwilliams said, "We know Meghan's thoughts about Trump before she marries, it would be the royal family to choose who will attend such an event, if and when it happens. "The emphasis is obviously on benevolence, visits by American presidents to strengthen the 'special relationship' and Britain needs America's cooperation in a post-Brexit deal article


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