Meghan Markle: “Gave up my whole life for this family”

A biography of Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) is expected to be published on August 11, but excerpts from the book have already been published in British The Times.

The unofficial biography, entitled “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family”, is based, among other things, on testimonies from the couple’s closest circle of friends.

A central theme in the book is how the couple came to the decision to resign from their royal duties.

“I gave up my whole life for this family. I was willing to do whatever was required of me, but here we are. It’s very sad “, a crying Meghan is said to have told her friends in March.

To the BBC, Harry and Meghan emphasize that they have not contributed to the book.

Thought Harry was “blinded by lust”

A strained relationship between the couple and Prince William and Duchess Kate is said to have been one of the decisive reasons why Harry and Meghan withdrew from the front row of the British royal house, the book claims.

Harry is said to have thought that William was snobbish, as he encouraged his little brother not to rush into a relationship with Meghan – he thought Harry was “blinded by desire”, writes the Daily Mail.

However, Meghan must have been disappointed that Kate did not include her enough in the family, and described her as cold. According to Insider, the tension between the two couples was so strong that they barely kept in touch with each other.

Watch video: Harry and Meghan’s last royal appearance:

Was welcomed back by Queen Elizabeth

According to the book, the couple’s decision to withdraw from their royal duties has created headaches for everyone involved, writes Insider.

The newspaper further writes that Harry took a lunch with Queen Elizabeth after the news broke, where she is said to have said that Harry is welcome back if they regret the decision.

A source from the royal court is said to have said that the door will always be open to them as “much-loved family members”, but thought it would be difficult to salvage the new role they want as so-called ‘hybrid royals’, according to the Daily Mail.


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