Home Entertainment Meghan Markle, harassed by the media, George Clooney takes his defense!

Meghan Markle, harassed by the media, George Clooney takes his defense!

Meghan Markle will soon give birth to her first child. The woman is very stressed and she feels harassed by the media. George Clooney decided to take his defense.

All English have their eyes turned to Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex no longer supports this media harassment and George Clooney is on his side!

Meghan Markle: She feels harassed by the media!

Meghan Markle has managed to find her place in England and she is very much appreciated by the English. The American is married for a year with Prince Harry and she is expecting her first child. She is due to give birth in April and she is getting ready. Nevertheless,Duchesse is very stressed because of the many rumors about her.

Meghan Markle is in the headlines of all British magazines. For some time, his image has been dirty with many rumors about him. Many media ensure that the latter would be demanding with her employees. Then, the tabloids announce that it would be particularly capricious. His friend, George Clooney decided to defend himself against the pressure she may feel.

Meghan Markle: George Clooney worries about Meghan Markle!

George Clooney is currently promoting his new series Catch-22. The American actor has entrusted some things about Meghan Markle in the media Who. Indeed, the latter compared the media harassment of the Duchess with that experienced by Lady Diana. So, he cares a lot for her!

She is a seven-month-old pregnant woman and she is pursued and defamed in the same way as Diana was. This is the story that repeats itself. We know how it ends. " He said.

The actor refers to the car accident that allegedly killed Lady Diana in 1997. The latter was trying to flee a paparazzi just before the accident. It seems that the media are far too present in the life of women. So the actor does not want it to end badly. After these poignant statements, the actor denied the rumor that he will be the godfather of the Duchess's baby.