Meghan Markle is exposed for discriminating against certain guests on her “Archetypes” podcast

Written in CELEBRITIES the 16/11/2022 · 16:07 hs

Meghan Markle little by little it has been placed in the taste of the public thanks to its podcast Archetypes, available on Spotify, in which every week he reveals certain details of his private life by touching on topics of general interest, mainly aimed at women.

In its long guest list we can find personalities like Mellody Hobson, Jameela JamilSophie Trudeaux, Mindy Kahling, Serena Williams o Paris Hilton, to whom she seems to have given a special and different treatment than that of other guests.

This was stated by New York reporter Allison Yarrow, who appeared on last week’s show titled, ‘To B or not to “B”‘ where she discussed the term b**** and how it applied to women in the public sphere in the 1990s.

According to his account posted on Instagram, He never spoke to Meghan Markledespite the fact that in the final edition of the program it seems so, which is why the specialist praised the work of the Archetypes production team.

“Thrilled to be included in the visionary series presented by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, which aims to dissect and subvert the archetypes that hold women,” wrote.

To her surprise, although she was invited, she never intervened with the Duchess of Sussex, since only the characters she would have chosen according to her interests could speak with her, making a big difference between all of them. Something that would certainly have disappointed her.

Archetypes is produced by Archewell Audio in association with Gimlet Media for Spotify. So far, nine episodes and a Christmas special, from 2020, have been released. According to the Daily Mail, said podcast is valued at more than 18 million euros.

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