Meghan Markle is preparing a new podcast, will she fight fake news?

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At the end of 2020 it was revealed that, after his departure from royalty, Meghan Markle y the prince harry signed a millionaire contract with Spotity to record a podcast that will finally premiere this summer. Here we tell you everything that is known about what comes from that project of the exactriz with the streaming platform.

According to the note of “Archewell Audio”the prince foundation division Harry y Meghan dedicated to the production of radio content, the former actress wants to personally combat disinformation on the internet through the first of her programs, although it is unknown what specific topics she will deal with in her broadcasts.

It is expected that the issues that will be addressed in the broadcasts will be of a social and political nature, but it would not be strange for the Duchess to take advantage of the platform to deny some of the myths that have spread about her or her family.

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the deal

The agreement between Spotify and the couple of royals was signed 18 months ago and gave the dukes the important sum of 25 million dollars. This is not the first millionaire contract signed with a platform of this caliber, because in 2020, the giant Netflix closed an agreement with Archewell.

At the time, Harry and Meghan told The Times that their intention is to create “documentaries, docuseries, movies, shows and children’s programming.. Our focus is to create content that informs but also inspires“.

The multi-year agreement stipulates that the production company “Archewell Audio” will create exclusive programming for Spotify. Among the content, there will be podcasts presented and produced by the dukes of sussexwith the overall goal of “building a community through shared experiences, narratives, and values.”

The announcement of the agreement was in 2020 and a 40-minute chapter was even broadcast, entitled “The Holiday Special”, who talked about his son, Archie Harrison. Other celebrities, such as Elton John or James Corden, also participated in that episode. Following the situation caused by the global pandemic of covid-19 and the search for greater information transparency, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to temporarily stop their activity.

Episode 1 of the Royal Couple Podcast.
Photo: Instagram

Now, they will resume this project with a space to attack “fake news”, which occurs after the controversy in which it was involved Spotify, defending the right to freedom of expression of Joe Roganwho used his space on the platform to give visibility to “alternative” theories about the coronavirus pandemic covid-19, who openly questioned the efficacy of vaccines.

So in a few months we will be able to listen to the new marriage podcast and although at the moment few details are known about it, everything indicates that the new podcast will come to light in the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and, just two months later, on the birthday of Meghan Markle in August.

What Meghan and Harry say about their new podcast:

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