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Meghan Markle: Slip and Nipple Blitzer! Your (so far) biggest scandals

She is graceful, knows how to move in public and wins hearts with her charming demeanor by storm: No question, with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has caught a wife who captivates people. In the meantime, Duchess Meghan, as the American-born American after her wedding in May 2018 official name, has been a full member of the British royal family for half a year – but still manages the 37-year-old repeatedly to taunt with missteps. Has Meghan Markle learned nothing in terms of etiquette over the past few months?
Unteachable? Meghan Markle also pats as Duchess of Sussex
During her 16-day journey through Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji, every step of the Duchess of Sussex was scrutinized. No misstep – and there were several! – remained hidden from the public. Ironically, in terms of fashion and styling, Duchess Meghan, who is expecting her first baby with Prince Harry in the spring of 2019, made some mistakes – although the former actress was a style icon even before her wedding to Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle pats again and again into fashion faux pas – THESE looks shocked
Anything but stylish was Meghan Markle's mind as she moved in the southern hemisphere, far from the palace. Once a price tag dangled on the sinfully expensive designer dress of the Duchess, then Meghan Markle let her nipples flash and finally presented to all the world, which underwear she wears underneath. To top off the fashion sins, Meghan Markle also shocked the world with a sinfully high leg slit that not only Queen Elizabeth II was "not amused" about.
Double faux pas! Here Meghan Markle repeatedly violated the court protocol
Meghan Markle caught the last faux pas at the time when she discarded her shoes at a traditional Maori ceremony and revealed her naked feet. Thus, on the one hand Meghan Markle nourished rumors that she had undergone an operation to correct a painful foot deformity. On the other hand, Prince Harry's wife managed twice to break the royal protocol. The toes of the Duchess were namely clearly visible with bright red nail polish pedicured – for ladies of the British royal family an absolute no-go.

        PHOTOS: Meghan Markle HERE Duchess Meghan violated the royal dress code

As you know, Queen Elizabeth II has strictly forbidden her female relative to use nail polish in eye-catching colors. On the other hand, tights that Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Co. wear must be worn with every outfit, no matter what the weather conditions are. In New Zealand Meghan Markle however whistled on the royal clothes protocol and put her bare legs on display. If there is no curtain sermon by Queen Elizabeth II …
With her family Meghan Markle can not score in the royal house
Fashion questions or not, Meghan Markle seems unsuitable in other aspects as a member of the British royal family. A constant source of annoyance is the hunchback relationship of the Duchess of Sussex. Sure, his relatives can not be chosen, but the Markle clan already made for bad blood when the delicate love between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was just publicized. Samantha Markle, the Duchess' half-sister, and Thomas Markle, the father of Prince Harry's wife, are especially eager. Again and again shoot the US relatives in TV interviews sharp against Duchess Meghan and throw her all sorts of nastiness. Not exactly royal, this behavior!

    VIDEO: This violates the royal protocol

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