Meghan Markle took the princess’s jewelry from the palace! He refuses to return them

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Prince Harry’s eternally rebellious wife, Meghan Markle, allegedly escaped from the royal family with Princess Diana’s jewelry worth $ 10 million! And since leaving the monarchy earlier this year, he has refused to return the glittering treasure!

The former star of the “Ties” series has stated that he is entitled to precious bracelets, tiaras and rings, according to sources from the palace, according to which Prince William strongly demands that Duchess Meghan return the historical heritage!

“The battle for jewelry erupted in the royal palace relatively recently,” the source of the palace revealed. “William is furious with his brother and sister-in-law for getting rid of their royal duties and going to Hollywood to become global stars.”

The jewels of Princess Diana

Princess Diana with her iconic pearl headdressSource: profimedia

“According to William, his mother’s gems should never have been somewhere in the other half of the globe, and he wants them back – immediately!” escaped from the palace. “The whole family is worried that Harry’s marriage will turn out badly. And even more now, the family is afraid that Meghan will then sell the jewelry after Diana to whoever gives her the most.”

Harry had a custom-made ring for Meghan, in which he had two diamonds from Diana’s collection set, along with other jewelry from Botswana, so that he could have a nice birthday present for his love. At the same time, Meghan Markle has already presented to the public several other jewels that belonged to her late mother-in-law.

Lost treasures

Meghan Markle introduced her child to the familySource: profimedia

“Harry also gave Meghan an aquamarine cocktail ring from her mother when she and Meghan got married, and she wore butterfly earrings and gold bracelets that belonged to Diana,” the source said. “But who knows what other treasures she left with!”

No wonder William is furious and wants to return everything… But so far it seems that he will not receive the jewelry from his mother, his order did not fall on fertile ground.

“Meghan realizes that for William and Kate, it’s painful to have jewelry after Lady Di, but she doesn’t care,” the source said. “In fact, she considers it great revenge for how badly they treated her in the family!”

Not only does Meghan refuse to return Diana’s jewelry, but she even demanded that Kate give her her sapphire engagement ring, which she received from William when she accepted his request for a hand!

The ring belongs to Harry

Meghan had faced great criticism since she had met Prince Harry.  Negative comments and attacks on her person multiplied when she married Harry in May 2018.Source:

Although William and Kate may not like it, Meghan is entitled to Diana’s ring – Prince Charles’s late first wife left the jewel in Harry’s last will and testament. But he thought he would never marry, so he gave it to his brother as a suitable gift for Kate.

“Based on that, Meghan claims that the ring is Harry’s right – and therefore hers. And she wants it! Harry told William that his wife should get the ring, as well as the rest of Diana’s old jewelry!”

At the same time, Meghan has been fighting for the right to royal jewelry since the first day she appeared in the family. “For the first time, she outraged everyone when she demanded an emerald tiara from the royal collection for her wedding,” says a man from the palace.

Meghan wants, Meghan gets

Meghan Markle a princ HarrySource: profimedia

Harry insisted that if Meghan wanted the jewelry, she should get it, but the queen opposed it. “Instead, Meghan was assigned a diamond and platinum headdress by her majesty, but Meghan never forgot – nor forgave – the humiliation she had experienced when they refused to give her jewelry after Harry’s mother,” the source said. “She watched the queen give Kate diamonds and rubies, and promised to take revenge.”

Probably at that very moment, the beginning of the plan began to be born in the Duchess’s head to get Harry to leave his family and leave for the Atlantic with Meghan and his son Archie…

Beloved mother

It sheds new light on her descendants of Prince Harry and Prince William.  She didn't want to be single and wanted more children, Diana said.  According to the royal expert, Diana did not have much choice in terms of relationships.Source:

According to insiders, Meghana’s strange fixation on Harry’s beloved mother and her jewelry was created as a child.

“Over and over again, she played videos with Diana, according to which she then copied her behavior and fashion style,” the source revealed.

“She even practiced tilting her head like Diana – tilting her head, looking away.

“After meeting Harry, she literally buried the palace staff with questions about his mother – and even admitted that she had looked up at Diana all her life.”

Folk princess

The Duke of Cornwall, but he didn't stay there.  A shocking friendship with a man who sexually harassed little boys during his career surfaced.  When the headlines don't make up Meghan Markle, it's Kate Middleton and Prince William and their divorce falls.Source:

“Meghan actually told a friend, ‘Diana and I are a lot alike!”

It is clear that Harry’s wife believes that she was to become the new Lady Diana, the princess of human hearts.

“That’s why Meghan will definitely stop wearing Diana’s jewelry – and never return it,” the informant is clear.

Meghan only uses heritage to live in her childhood fantasy of being a new folk princess.



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