Meghan Markle was warned to spend too much

Bar Meghan Markle he also has a couple of affordable fast fashion pieces in his wardrobe, he basically swears on poison-expensive designer clothes and never regretted the money for special creations. In 2019, however, after marrying the English royal family, he was warned to hold back on mindless spending, as the British public hates it when the royal family spends money so conspicuously. Jennie Bond, a true expert on the royal family, told Yahoo!

“My feeling is that the public doesn’t like spending so much money”

Although the expert said he could do it, it was a mistake that he also acted like an A-list celebrity in the royal family – and he spent as much as an A-list celebrity. It perfectly proves all this that in 2018, Meghan spent the most on clothes and accessories within the royal families in Europe: she bought expensive items worth 145 million forints, and of course she does not include her wedding dress.

In contrast, Princess Catherine bought in the same year for 27 million forints, with which she took 4th place that year. By the way, it is not typical for the royal family to spend money with both hands, at least not all members, Queen Elizabeth, for example, pays special attention to what can be repaired in the palace, instead of buying a new one immediately.


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