Meghan Markle’s father criticized his daughter and husband: This is the worst time for complaining and complaining

Thomas Markle criticized his daughter, Meghan, the wife of British Prince Harry, saying that he “does not appreciate the image she has become” in the recent period, and she and her husband told her that “this period in the world is the worst time you can complain and complain.”

This came during an interview that Thomas conducted with the British newspaper “The Sun”, days after the announcement of the publication of a book containing the autobiography of Prince Harry and his wife called “Finding Freedom: Harry and Megan and Making a Modern Royal Family”, which is expected to lead to an increase Tension with the relationships between the couple and the royal family.

Commenting on the publication of the book, which was written by royal observers Omid Scooby and Caroline Durand, Thomas (76 years) said, guiding his words to his daughter and her husband, “This period in which the world lives cannot tolerate grumbling”, referring to the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus. “This is the worst time when they can complain and complain about anything, because people everywhere suffer because of the Corona pandemic,” he explained. “I love Megan, my daughter … but I really do not appreciate the picture she has become in the recent period,” he added.

There were reports that Harry and Meghan had spoken to the authors of the book personally, and that the “dissatisfied” couple would use the book to “settle accounts”, although Harry and Meghan had recently stated that they had made no contributions to the book.

The couple now live in Los Angeles after they gave up their royal roles in March. And in January, we announced plans to start a more independent life.

Harry, 35, married Meghan, 38, in May 2018. They had their baby, Archie, in May 2019.

Thomas and Megan have suffered from severe tension in relations since the latter’s association with Prince Harry. This tension increased after Thomas delivered to Mail on Sunday a message Megan sent to him, in which they discussed the dispute between them over events that occurred before the wedding.

The newspaper published the letter, which prompted Megan to sue the Supreme Court in London against the Associated Pressers, which publishes the newspaper for allegedly violating her privacy.

Thomas indicated that he delivered the newspaper in an attempt to defend himself after he told Megan’s friends, “People,” that she wrote a “touching and loving” letter to her father in an attempt to repair her relationship, while the father stressed that the letter did not include any attempt to bridge the rift. Between him and his daughter, describing them as “a dagger in the heart.”



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