Meghan Markle's mother arrived in London. Baby Sussex coming soon


Many are convinced that Baby Sussex (this is the nickname of the heir) is already born, the book makers gave for certain the coincidence between the Queen's birthday (today, April 21st) and the birth of the child, everyone is waiting for the happy event. And not just in Britain.

That it is now a matter of hours is also witnessed by the arrival in London of Grandma Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother. The Duchess of Sussex did not participate in the celebrations for the 93 years of Queen Elizabeth II in the Easter Sunday, too risky. There was Harry, apparently relaxed and focused on his beloved grandmother.

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In these hours of frenetic waiting, voices and denials follow each other in the near future of the family. As mentioned, Baby Sussex will not be "exposed" to cameras around the world as happened for William and Kate's three children. Harry and Meghan have chosen differently, they want celebrate in private.

The last rumor in chronological order comes from the columns of Times and concerns the possible transfer of the royal family to Africa. Not immediately though. Sources very close to the Palace speak of next year. Harry and Meghan deeply love Africa, a passion that unites them and that they never miss an opportunity to tell.

The duchess – this is what the well-informed sources say – would like to dedicate herself to beneficial projects, Harry seems intent on starting a new life, far from the Windsor institutional appointments. No friction no rebellion. Only the desire to live a "normal" life alongside his wife and his first-born son.

Megham Markle's mother arrived in London



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