Meghan Markle’s Sweet Revenge

Once upon a time, these royals were reviled and targeted by the media. Later, public opinion tilted in their favor and they were able to sit back and smile affably. Although one Highness had to put in a little more effort than the other.

This article previously appeared in Beau Monde 4/2022.

Meghan played high play

Never complain, never explain is the motto by which Queen Elizabeth has sat firmly on the throne for 70 years – but this isn’t quite the style of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. She is actually very verbal in putting her frustrations into words, which she testified on Oprah, in front of rotating cameras. With this she took revenge on the members of the in-laws who would not have supported her enough and had asked dubious questions about the possible skin color of Archie, her son with Prince Harry. The Queen coolly said “memories may vary,” but the reputational damage still lingers.

Until here and no further

Meghan’s Oprah interview was in itself a pretty spectacular way to put the Windsors under the bus to throw. But Meghan, as a true American, also wanted ‘her day in court‘ because she felt unfairly treated by the powerful British media. They put their teeth into the ‘woke snowflake’ that took on a ‘victim role’. Any other human would probably have left it at that, but Meghan continued to litigate and ultimately won against the mighty Mail on Sunday, who had published a personal letter to her father, violating her privacy. Rectification, reimbursement of its legal costs, the works.

Moral victor

Meghan called it a victory for anyone who is afraid to stand for what is right in life. “We are now collectively brave enough to tackle the tabloid industry, which causes people to act mean to each other and earn from the lies and pain they spread. What happened may seem far removed from your personal lives, but it isn’t. Tomorrow you can be the subject.” No royal obligations, just the title. And the freedom, the moral victory and a fun life as a multimillionaire in California… Whatever you think of La Sussex, she’s got her affairs in order.

Text: Ella Vermeulen | Image: BrunoPress