Meghan’s lovely declaration of love for Harry “the best husband” in his eyes


Meghan Markle is traveling with the Queen this Thursday, June 14th. A trip that the two women make alone, without Prince Harry, which does not prevent the bride from thinking very strongly about him … On May 19 in St. George’s Chapel, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said yes to millions of viewers around the world. Their love seemed obvious, their complicity transcended the screens, their tenderness melted the heart of aficionados of the British royal family. The ex-actress and the grandson of the queen have thus become the duke and duchess of Cambridge, and if their couple fascinates so much, it is certainly because its sincerity is no doubt. Proof of that, that pretty statement from Meghan Markle, while she is traveling this Thursday, June 14 alongside the Queen in Cheshire , transcribed by a Daily Mail reporter on Twitter. ” The married life is wonderful. I enjoy every moment. He is the best husband in my eyes Meghan Markle said. By marrying Prince Harry, the former actress of the series Suits has not only inherited a devoted husband, she has also had to transform her lifestyle and habits to conform to the sacrosanct protocol. No more jeans with holes, necklines and other sexy pictures , now place more sober clothes and a distinguished look. During this apprenticeship, Meghan Markle can count on the advice of the Queen, with whom she is traveling this Thursday. The two women are so appreciative that we even whisper that they have already become girlfriends . Prince Harry is the “best husband ever” Meghan Markle proclaimed with a smile today. She told wellwishers married life was’ wonderful ‘, saying:’ I’m really enjoying it. He’s the best husband ever, ‘All together now, ah! – Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) June 14, 2018 Photo Credits: BESTIMAGE


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