Meghna Vincent says it was a mistake …. | Meghna Vincent says it was a mistake ….

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Meghna Vincent returns to Malayalam after a hiatus with the series Mr. and Mrs. Now, the actress is revealing her experiences through an interview. ‘Meghna says in an interview that the answer she gives to the question of whether Meghna is arrogant is laughter. When it comes to depression, we have two options. Either have to get up and walk. Or live like that. I decide to live happily and peacefully. The camera is my best friend.

One of the mantras in his life is that this too will pass. Had he not come to the serial he would probably have become a dance teacher. He loves to dance so much. Meghna says she made her debut at the age of six.
Meghna says I made a mistake at the creek. He said country instead of state. That went wrong for me. Then when I said Chennai and Dubai, I put a pose in between. But Meghan says it feels the same when someone tells her.
After the sandalwood rain, I put a gap and everyone asked. But I was acting in Tamil. Then I did a reality show called Jodi Number One. The serial was stopped there at Kovid Time. Then he came to Malayalam. The location of the new series has the atmosphere of a family with everyone being good friends.

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