The Toulouse rock band Mehari releases a futuristic video for Long Way Home, to be found in an interactive version online, and on their Ep All This Time.

Mehari, Long Way Home

And if the earth had survived the announced apocalypse? The Mehari band offers an anticipatory clip with their new space rock single Long Way Home. Mehari does not hesitate to break the codes. With them, the eighties rhythms are grafted to vintage keyboards. The voice, resolutely aerial, carried by riffs of metronomic guitars takes away far.

This is the theme of Mehari’s Long Way Home, which features an interactive clip to discover on a dedicated platform but also in classic version on Youtube. Directed by the Parisians of Ante Bellum Films who initiated this format, this first clip of Mehari, embarks you on an adventure where you are the only master on board. On a now abandoned Earth, a cosmonaut sent on mission returns in the footsteps of his life spent on this planet. In addition to the reminiscences that are imposed on him, he discovers traces of life that will lead him, according to the decisions taken, to an incredible discovery.

Here is the normal version of Long Way Home:

A cosmic rodeo not to be missed ..! “We compose our music from A to Z, we do not use any sample. We always agreed on our wish to have a warm sound, natural … So we do not use a virtual synth or that kind of things … We always wanted to propose an air music, atmospheric even planing. On our first release, Red Moon, the voice was not present, it is more on our maxi All this Time … ”
Eighties rhythms are grafted to vintage keyboards; the voice, resolutely aerial, carries the riffs of metronomic guitars. Have a nice trip !

Ep All This Time
Available at Champcaine Records
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Mehari, All this time
Mehari, All this time

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