Mel: Salvador Nasralla is impulsive, he did not learn from politics

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.-For being an impulsive person, the television presenter Salvador Nasralla he did not learn politics during these years.

This was considered by the general coordinator of the party Freedom and Refoundation (Free), Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who incidentally affirmed to HRN that “he – referring to Nasralla – is a showman, I walked with him throughout the country and did not learn politics, he is an impulsive person.” “Salvador is not a bad person, what happens is that he is impulsive and sees politics as if he is narrating a football match and politics is not like that. What you say today you have to keep permanently, not be changing your mind every day because you lose credibility, “he added.

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The deposed ruler came forward through the statements as well as remarks against the left party made by the former presidential candidate that has increasingly divided the opposition. “So that Salvador’s siren song is taken away and he stops crying in all the media, that his party be registered and people will find out what he has to participate in the electoral process,” he said.

“Mel” did not rule out that for the democratic fair the following year another political alliance will be formed to confront the National Party at the polls.

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