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Melania and Donald Trump: – Wanted to stop her husband’s party

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About half a year has passed since Joe Biden (78) took over the baton as US President from Donald Trump (75). However, this did not happen until a long and intense election campaign.

Ever since the 78-year-old was declared the winner, Trump has maintained that there has been widespread electoral fraud in several states.

– Drops her husband this summer

November 3, that is, before the victory was a fact, was election night in the United States. Trump and his administration made sure to celebrate big in the White House. He was, in fact, obliquely sure that it was going against brakseier.

DEBATE: This video of first lady Melania Trump (50) and her husband is frequently shared on Twitter. Reporter: Elias Kr. Zahl-Pettersen
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Now, in a new book, it appears that his wife Melania Trump (51) has tried to stop the party, in what has been a nine-day battle against her husband and his people.

She lost that battle.


The information appears in the book “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story on How Trump Lost” by Michael C. Bender, which was released this week. The contents of the book are reproduced by People.

According to Bender, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has asked for permission to use the White House as a venue for the party. However, the former first lady did not want to give him that permission.

- Where's Melania?

– Where’s Melania?

Just nine days before election day, Meadows is said to have asked for permission once again, by saying, among other things, that the White House was the perfect place for a party – due to the pandemic.

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“I’m not comfortable with that,” Melania Trump is said to have replied, pointing out that she did not want any parties in the building.

TABBE: Outgoing first lady in the USA, Melania Trump, gets criticism after a visit to a children’s hospital in Washington, DC Photo: AP

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The statement has been confirmed by Chief Companion Timothy Harleth, as well as First Lady spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham. Both are also said to have warned her that the party could last a long time.

Met his 13th president

Met his 13th president

“It’s your night”

After the 51-year-old refused to give permission to party for the fourth time in a short time, Meadows instead asked the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who passed it on to the president himself.

Four days before election night, he is said to have called his wife from Air Force One.

RAISES EYEBROWS: In recent days, avid Twitter users have been convinced that US President Donald Trump has hired a stand-in for Melania Trump. Video: AP
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“This is your night – do what you have to do. You will do it anyway “, she should have answered then, according to the book.

New everyday life: - Replay of

New everyday life: – Replay of “The Apprentice”

On election night, she isolated herself and her son Barron Trump (15), and only showed up by her husband’s side if he needed her for a speech, it says.

“It was a ‘shit show’ and the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,” the book says.


It is perhaps no wonder that the 51-year-old was worried about another party in the venerable building.

The danger signals for sudden heart failure

The danger signals for sudden heart failure

In September last year, just months before election night, the president hosted a party in Rosehagen in the White House. Then the president would celebrate that he had nominated Amy Coney Barrett as a new judge in the Supreme Court.

The event was later branded as a “super-spreader event”, as more than 30 people were confirmed infected with the coronavirus after the party.

The president, the first lady and their common son Barron were all infected.

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