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Melbourne, the victim of the attack is the Italian Sisto Malaspina, owner of the VIP bar

Sisto Malaspina, 74 years old, of Italian descent is the man stabbed to death yesterday in Melbourne in the attack then claimed by ISIS, costing his life also to the aggressor – a terrorist of Somali origin – killed by the police. It is learned from sources in the Farnesina. The victim, writes the Australian daily Herald Sun, was Sisto Malaspina, 74, co-owner with his partner Nino Pangrazio of a famous bar on Bourke Street – the Pellegrinìs Bar – bought in 1974.

Terrorism in Melbourne, detonates cars and stabs a passer to death before being killed by the police

Man has been defined by those who knew him "the happiest person imaginable". The newspaper describes him as "a bon vivant, icon of Melbourne" and remembers that he had become grandfather for the first time a week ago. According to the reconstructions, Malaspina would have been a few hundred meters from his place, when the terrorist blew his car. He could have come to the aid of Shire Ali, who, instead, reported the witnesses, stabbed him in the neck.

Among the many who paid tribute to Sisto Malaspina, the owner of the Pellegrini Café victim of the terrorist attack yesterday in Melbourne, also the Australian actor Russell Crowe. On twitter, in Italian he writes: «Sixtus, my heart breaks.» And then, "I went to Pellegrinis since 1987 … I never went to Melbourne without going to my Sisto. My sweet and loyal friend stabbed a madman in the street. So sad".
And then, in a subsequent tweet, the actor still writes: "He was like his favorite uncle – he wrote on twitter – One of the reasons I liked going to Melbourne was because I knew I'd get that welcome. When I met him I was a badly accused theater actor, he always treated me like a prince. The family"

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