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Melbourne: what we know so far about the attack on Bourke Street

  • Sisto Malaspina, the co-owner of the popular Italian café in Melbourne Pellegrini, was killed after Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, 30. went on Friday afternoon on Bourke Street in downtown Melbourne

  • Two more were injured. Tasmanian retiree Rod Patterson, 58, and a 24-year-old guard from Hampton Park, both recovering at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

  • The police shot Shire Ali and were taken to a hospital under guard, but died soon afterwards.

  • The police treated the attack as a terrorist incident. Shire Ali was known to the state and national anti-terrorism authorities, and he had relatives who were interested people.

  • Shire Ali's passport was canceled in 2015 when Asio stated that he intended to travel to Syria to fight with extremists of the Islamic State.

  • The authorities did not actively monitor him before the incident.

  • Joint terrorist investigators raided two addresses in Werribee and Meadows Heights on Saturday morning.

  • Shire Ali had a history of minor drugs, theft and driving offenses. He emigrated from Somalia to Australia in the 1990s, the police said.

  • Shire Ali drove a gas-laden SUV. Witnesses testified that the man drove the vehicle at 4.20 am outside the Target Center. When the car went up in flames, he tried to stab people and fight police and spectators.

  • The policeman who shot the man in the chest had been outside the police academy for three months.

  • You saw people trying to help the police by fending off the man with a shopping cart and a chair.

  • The Islamic State has claimed the attack, and police say Shire Ali has ties to Isis

  • The presence of police in the city and at major events such as Flemington races and memorial services has been stepped up.


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