Mélenchon’s aperitif in Marseille, the battle between the majority and the right… The political brief of the week

06:45, 12 May 2022


This week, we are talking about Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his constituency or even the possible war Together! against the Republicans in the legislative elections. This article was published in our newsletter, The Political Supplement, available to our subscribers.

Succession time. He was elected deputy there in 2017, he will have an aperitif there this Thursday evening. Jean-Luc Mélenchon – who is now targeting Matignon – will indeed be present in Marseille, in the 4th district of Bouches-du-Rhône. The opportunity for those who will not be “presumably” not a candidate for his succession to pass the torch: to MEP Manuel Bompard, a very close friend who was twice his presidential campaign manager? His name has been circulating for several weeks but we had to wait for the chef’s decision. When we ask for confirmation from La France insoumise, we are told: « Suspense ».

“You can be Prime Minister without being a deputy”, assumed Mélenchon a few days ago, citing in particular the case of Jean Castex. The Rogue leader also sees an advantage in this: “I can run all over the country and if I’m invited on television, we don’t have to invite everyone else. »

Where is “civil society”? It is rare among Macronist legislative candidates. If in its first wave of investiture, Together! numbered 43, they are in reality only about thirty out of 548 to have never been a candidate, nor exercised any mandate or political responsibilities, nor been an employee. Because if some are only qualified by their profession, they often hide a local commitment… not specified by Ensemble!

Tell me who you face, I’ll tell you who you are. Within the Republicans (LR), some do not really appreciate that some of their little comrades can benefit from a boost from the presidential majority in the legislative elections, if the latter decides not to invest candidates in the face of a handful of LR deputies. If this were true, some are outright pleading for an LR candidate to be invested in the face of these potential traitors. Reply from one of those who cross their fingers to be spared by Macronie: “No one flinched when Zemmour announced that he was not investing a candidate against Ciotti. There cannot be double standards. »