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Melgaço Chamber puts sanitary siege in a village with 370 inhabitants


The Chamber of Melgaço implemented, this Wednesday, a sanitary siege in the village of Parada do Monte, with 370 inhabitants, after the confirmation of the third case of infection by the new coronavirus, the president of the municipality told Lusa.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, Manoel Batista explained that the decision was taken this Wednesday morning, in conjunction with the health authorities and the local GNR post.

“The measure is already implemented. No one leaves Parada do Monte anymore and the entries are limited to strictly necessary situations ”, he said, referring to not knowing the duration of the measure that will be“ evaluated daily ”.

According to the mayor, “there are two more people in prophylactic isolation, at home, waiting for the results of the disease screening tests”.

Asked about the origin of the outbreak recorded in that village, Manoel Batista said that “the most plausible explanatory hypothesis is that the transmission was made by the son and daughter-in-law of the first infected patient, emigrants who arrived in the parish in early March”.

“Both are also in home confinement”, he reinforced.

The first confirmed case is that of an 82-year-old man and the confirmed couple is 82 and 85 years old, all admitted to the Santa Luzia hospital in Viana.

The village is integrated in the Parish Union of Parada do Monte and Cubalhão, in total, according to the 2011 Census, with 526 inhabitants.

The new coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic was detected in December in China and has already infected more than 428,000 people worldwide, of whom about 19,000 have died.

The European continent is currently the one with the highest number of new cases, 226,000, with Italy being the country with the most fatalities worldwide. It accounts for 6,820 deaths in 69,176 positive diagnoses and, of those infected, more than 7,000 have already been cured by the authorities.

In Portugal, the Directorate-General for Health indicated today that the outbreak of covid-19 has already caused 43 deaths and 2,995 infected people.

Given the evolution of the pandemic, on March 17 the Government declared the state of public calamity in the municipality of Ovar and, since 00:00 on the 19th, the whole country is in a state of emergency, which will remain in effect until 23: 59 of the 2nd of April.


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