Meloni from the stage of the Spanish far right shouts his “Europe of patriots”: only Christian, against the “LGBT lobby” and “international finance”

A speech marked by yes and no where, he says, “there are no mediations”. The yeses are reserved for what is defined as the “natural family”, for the “universality of the cross” at “safe borders”. But it is the no that weigh more, at least politically: the “no to the LGBT lobby and gender ideology“, il “no to big international finance”And ai“Brussels bureaucrats“And even to an unspecified”abyss of death“. It is the final part, the most shouted, of the meeting that Giorgia Meloni held on Sunday June 12 in Marbella, Spain, where she flew after the vote in the referendum to support Macarena Olonathe candidate of the Spanish training of far right, Vox (allied to the Brothers of Italy in Europe). Rally that looks at anti-Europeanism and sovereignty, where the specter of “threats to our society” is evoked, and which rides some of the warhorses of the ultra-right, such as the fight against immigration and against the policies for civil rights of the people of the lgbt community. After the administrative procedures, the echo of the words spoken on the Andalusian stage also arrived in Italy and triggered the clash in our local politics. The leader of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta he clearly said not to share a single passage: “I think all the possible evil”He replied to Floris who asked him for an opinion on the meeting. “A speech steeped in hatred: new conspiracy and old twentieth-century rhetoric together. A arm in arm with the worst European right”Was the comment posted by the Pd on Twitter.

Always on La7, Pierluigi Bersani he increased the dose and invited the left to run the video for “a truth operation”: “They are like that, in their angry and aggressive tone and in their content. Brothers of Italy is this. I am against the Zan law, against the Ius Soli, against the end of life. In economics they are protectionist and corporate. And then they claim to swear by the anti-fascist Constitution without recognizing April 25 ”. And the latter is one of the most relevant passages in the political discourse, also examined by various analysts. Especially in light of the polls and the attempt of the leader of Brothers of Italy to be accredited as a candidate of the right to lead our country in the next elections. Guest of Otto e mezzo, the director of Limes Lucio Caracciolo, for example, he points out how the tones and contents make him “not a leader of a democratic country”: “Meloni – he said – got carried away by the atmosphere of Vox. It is a very shouted speech, in tone and substance, frankly neo-Franchist. Not exactly a speech by those who are preparing, at least in intentions, to become the Prime Minister of a government of a democratic republic. So it is revealing in this sense. If we are to take Meloni seriously we must place it more to the right than the right“He concluded it is a right that must be placed more to the right than the right”. If Meloni’s strategy is the right one to bring him to the government we will only know with the next elections. Meanwhile, almost a week after his Spanish trip, the debate seems anything but cool. On the contrary, it has expanded and crossed the borders of the parties, involving intellectuals like Geneva Bompiani e Oliviero Toscani

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