Meloni wants a center-right summit “decisive, in one sense or another” –

from Marco Cremonesi and Paola Di Caro

The Northern League leader hears the Forza Italia boss on the phone and blocks Fontana’s race in Lombardy. Frost on Moratti. Brothers of Italy: clear about everything, otherwise take other paths

Silvio Berlusconi presents himself as the noble father, the federator, the one who – the only one – can manage to “make people think” and put the two quarrels back in their place, Salvini and Meloni. Giorgia Meloni looks with disdain at the attempt of those who can no longer “decide for the voters”, who are the only ones who can determine “roles and weights” in a coalition, as happened when leading the center right it was Berlusconi himself and when Salvini was, and now that the first party is FdI, you can’t ignore it. Salvini awaits the convening of the table that everyone is calling for, a saving summit as Berlusconi sees it, who wants to prepare well and “in the right time, waiting for the tension to drop a little”, a summit to be held perhaps “for a whole day , here in Arcore ».

And summit which must be “decisive, in one sense or another” according to Meloni, because to put it with his loyal Francesco Lollobrigida “if we are to be together, as we hope, we must be clear about everything: values, programs and rules of engagement . If you fail, you take note and take other paths. A few months before the elections, no gifts can be given to the left ».

And Salvini? He, for the first time, hands the ball to Meloni: «The summit of

the center-right will restart when you call him “says a very confident Salvinian, with the air of saying” he wanted the bicycle, now pedal “. And in the meantime he shows that he wants to take action to immediately solve problems in his own home.

The Northern League secretary starts the day early, with a round of phone calls with his people all over Italy: “Despite the prophecies of the journalists, I don’t think there is any trace of a reckoning.” Although Toni Da Re brusquely asks for “an assembly of the League in Veneto with Salvini and the others in via Bellerio to come and talk to us about the future”. In the morning there is the “affectionate” phone call with Berlusconi, while Meloni does not speak to either of the two allies, to testify once again what is palpable and perceived in this way in FdI: there is an “epidermal” problem among the leaders of the coalition, with her “continually attacked, perhaps because a woman in a leadership or leadership role is not tolerated.”

Berlusconi and Salvini speak of the defeat at Monza, but above all – the Northern League player says to his followers – “Berlusconi has agreed to go ahead with confidence on Attilio Fontana”. Also because the governor “came out great from an aggressive judicial and media campaign, something that does not leave indifferent between us and FI”. Then the secretary goes to Palazzo Lombardia: on the agenda, there is precisely the summit to secure Fontana’s candidacy. Giancarlo Giorgetti was also present: because he is the deputy secretary of the League, because he is a close friend of Fontana, and to dispel the rumors about possible candidates in the Region of the same Minister for Development. In the garage, a surprise meeting with Letizia Moratti, the vice president of the Region, who yesterday confirmed that she was “at the disposal of the center-right” for a possible candidacy. “What are you doing with me?” – Salvini would have joked -. Let’s hear from you very soon ». In the League, the suspicion is that the hidden inspirer of Moratti’s moves is Carlo Calenda.

The Lombardy it is the grain that is added to the much larger one in Sicily: per
FdI the opposition of FI, with Micciché, and of the Lega to the reappointment of Musumeci is a slap in the face, a way “to wear us out, to make us lose, as happened with Fitto”. And from the tug-of-war we will understand a lot about the future of the center-right because if, it is Meloni’s idea, the rule of outgoing people who are always re-nominated is re-discussed “then all of them must be re-discussed: the weights of today’s parties are different from those of 5 Years ago”. And so all the knots come to a head, and the vertex evoked becomes that of the possible turning point. When it will be, it’s hard to say. What is certain is that everyone is playing is the future. And Salvini already warns his family that he wants to share the responsibility for every choice because, says one of his supporters, “he can no longer be alone in carrying the cross.”

June 28, 2022 (change June 28, 2022 | 07:42)