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Meloni: "We in the government with the League and change to the top of the EU". Lite Between FdI and Forza Italia

In view of the European Championships, it really pulls a bad air in the center-right. After the "hostile opa" launched by the League on Berlusconi's party, now even the Brothers of Italy do not give up on the evident attempt to cannibalize Forza Italia which, however, having caught the deadly trap, is reacting with its nails and teeth to 'lunge of Giorgia Meloni against Antonio Tajani: "We want to change everything, including the current president of the European Parliament …".

The concentric attack of the center-right allies – united in view of the Regionals in Piedmont but opponents in Rome and Brussels – it intensified precisely in the hours when Forza Italia is closing, not without difficulty, the lists of candidates for the European Parliament. So much so that last night Antonio Tajani, Niccolò Ghedini, Sestino Giacomoni and (in telephone connection) Mariastella Gelmini were reviewed in Rome to take stock of the issues still to be resolved: the overall weakness of the Centre's list (the only one in which Berlusconi is not leaders after giving way to Tajani), the cumbersome candidacy of Alessandra Mussolini in the South (in contention against the great-grandson of Mussolini deployed by Meloni) which penalizes other big blue; the struggle in Sicily between the "Catanesi" who support Giovanni Lavia, the "Palermo" who support Giuseppe Milazzo and the centrist Saverio Romano.

All this happens on the day when Giorgia Meloni, closing the conference program of the FdI at the Lingotto in Turin, attacks Tajani and returns to envision a center-right for sovereign traction for the country's government: with the League and without Forza Italia. Adopting Matteo Salvini's asymmetric tactics, the president of Fratelli d'Italia relaunches the "old center-right" in Piedmont (with unconditional support for the candidate governor of Forza Italia, Alberto Cirio) and concurrently hypothesises a "renewed center-right" for a government national: "After the European Championships I don't think this government will have more margins for life. We will have to hold free elections and I think we will have the strength for a new executive in which there will be Brothers of Italy and the League ». The lunge is not new but this time FdI talks about breaking down the "Euromostro", undermining the foundations on which Forza Italia has built its image in Brussels: the EPP family and the Tajani presidency of the European Parliament. "Tajani could also avoid certain attacks on the Melons," suggests Fabio Rampelli (FdI).

The siren of the alarm in Forza Italia has been triggered for days, but yesterday the sound was more acute: "We will not be intimidated by a young lady who does not even know where Europe is at home," Antonio Tajani said in the first round. Which yesterday only attacked the Salvini-Di Maio government. "The Italians will pay a very high price for the foolishness of a government in which two political forces continue only to quarrel among themselves". Then, below, many big Azzurri took the defense of the President of the European Parliament: "Meloni is concerned about who governs Italy not Tajani" (Mariastella Gelmini); "Meloni is part of the Ecr conservative group, which voted for Tajani as president of the EP with the EPP" (Maurizio Gasparri); "Perhaps Meloni prefers a German president?" (Anna Maria Bernini); "Meloni prefers a Pole or a Romanian to an Italian?" (Deborah Bergamini). And from Brussels, the portal publishes the data according to which the president Tajani (with Massimo Castaldo of the M5S and Alessia Mosca of the Pd) is in the list of the most active Italians at the European Parliament.

But the emergency that Forza Italia is experiencing is all in the words of Mara Carfagna, vice-president of the Chamber: «We must continue to believe in Forza Italia, which is not a party in agony, as many like to think. But after the European Championships, net of Silvio Berlusconi's leadership which is essential, we need a supplementary reflection and a reorganization ».


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