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JAKARTA, – Researcher from Democracy and Electoral Empowerment Partnership (DEEP) of Indonesia Yusfitriadi assessed, the request of DPR members to be involved in the program corporate social responsibility (CSR) State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) outrageous.

“This is asking for rations, this has gone too far,” Yusfitriadi said in a virtual discussion on Thursday (2/7/2020).

He responded to the question of DPR members asking to be involved in BUMN CSR activities during a hearing (RDP) between Commission VII and Mining Holding (MIND ID) on Tuesday (6/30/2020).

Before the CSR request, the RDP was colored with tension.

Yusfitriadi said, the debate shown by members of Commission VII at the hearing (RDP) with Mining Holding (MIND ID) was not important.

“This is a matter of money, a matter of program, not a very important issue when then the company does not release CSR data,” he said.

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He also reminded the public not to elect legislators who asked to be involved in such BUMN CSR.

Yusfitriadi also considered that the DPR’s Ethics Council needed to take a stand on this matter.

Based on the news KompasTVBefore the CSR request, the RDP was colored by tension.

House of Representatives Commission VII member from the Democratic Party, Muhammad Nasir and Managing Director of MIND ID Orias Petrus Moedak involved in the heated debate

Muhammad Nasir even drove Orias Petrus Moedak out of the meeting room. Not only that, Muhammad Nasir said he no longer wanted a meeting with Orias.

Deputy Chairman of Commission VII Alex Noerdin also had time to mediate the debate and then suspended the meeting for a break at the same time Asr prayer.

After that, all meeting participants returned to the meeting room. However, Muhammad Nasir only returned briefly.

He then left the meeting room after the meeting resumed in about 15 minutes.

Alex also reopened the meeting and continued the meeting with the discussion of CSR realization allocated by these state-owned companies during Covid-19.

Whereas, previously the Mining Holding was explaining one by one the problems of production and the impact of the pandemic on state revenue.

During the presentation on the CSR realization of PT Bukit Asam and PT Timah, Alex interrupted the discussion. He said, giving CSR should involve board members.

“Do you remember, who helped the project in South Sumatra?” Alex asked.

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Managing Director of PT Bukit Asam, Arviyan Arifin, then answered. “If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Alex Noerdin, sir,” said Arviyan.

“Now, I desperately helped, the CSR submission period did not involve us. At least we were given space to participate in delivering the aid to the community,” said Alex.

Not only Alex, Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VII of the Gerindra Faction Ramson Siagian also spoke when discussing CSR.

He said the future should be when it comes to CSR activities should include members of the House of Representatives.



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