Members of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Gakkumdu Center should not be transferred


The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto, asked all Regional Police Chiefs to place the best members of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Integrated Law Enforcement Center (Gakkumdu). This is done to deal with election crimes.

“Then specifically to the Kasatwil, the police ranks through the DirCrimum, please convey a message to the Kapolda that place members of the Criminal Investigation Unit who are capable and have high moral integrity, and choose the best to be placed in the Gakkumdu Center,” said Agus at the Grand Mercure Hotel Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Monday (19/9/2022).

Then, he also asked the members of the Criminal Investigation Unit occupied at the Gakkumdu Center not to be transferred. This is due to easier communication and coordination.



“Secondly, I beg the members who are stationed there not to mutate so that communication and coordination can continue all the time. Then don’t give other tasks to the members,” explained Agus.

“Apply for awards in stages for the performance of investigators, assistant investigators, who excel so that they can take part in higher education formation or development and promotions according to applicable regulations,” he continued.

Then, Agus also mentioned that the campaign period should be a means of information for the public to make choices. He said the task of Gakkumdu is to prevent campaigns from being used to capitalize on identity politics and racial issues that have the potential to cause social rifts.

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“Indonesia, with its multiculturalism and plurality of people, we must maintain. The interests of the nation and state must still be in the first place and this needs special attention from all of us. Equalizing understanding and patterns of handling election crimes plays an important role in organizing this election,” he explained.

According to him, in the implementation of elections, justice is the spirit of election organizers. Meanwhile, the handling of election violations is the crown.

“Therefore, it is no less important to increase the synergy between the elements of the Gakkumdu center to realize the implementation of an honest and fair election,” he said.