Memorial of life “: a pro-life mother who celebrates the beauty of life

Mon, President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life next Sunday, May 29. The ‘Life Monument’ will bless the image of the mother carrying the unborn child in the church of St. Marcello in Del Corso, Rome.

C. Roubani CTC, Vatican News

The sculpture was donated to the Italian Movimento Per la Vita Italiano movement. Its blessing comes at a time when awareness is growing about the need to protect the most vulnerable lives. “We are talking about the commitment of the woman (and her partner) to receive all possible support to prevent abortion and to prevent abortion by overcoming all the adverse conditions, including financial, that lead to abortion,” she said.

Canadian sculptor Tim Schmotts is the creator of “The Monument of Life,” and the sculpture in Rome and the USA makes more sense now that it is being debated in the United States than ever before. “It’s a celebration and an inspiration. He wants to use art to motivate people and remind everyone that life is beautiful. That is why Tim Schmalz wants this sculpture to be placed where everyone can see it.

After a brief stint in various cities across the US, a sister statue of the “Life Monument” will be permanently installed in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. June 5 will be the day of the blessing of this sculpture.

Human weaknesses are not unfamiliar to Tim Schmotts’ work of art. He also highlights the spiritual anxieties of our modern times. A good example of this is his sculpture of the “homeless Jesus”. Copies of it have been installed in various cities.

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He is also the creator of the sculpture “Angels Unwears” erected in St. Peter’s Square. The sculpture depicts a group of migrants and refugees from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and from different historical periods. Pope Francis offered a special Mass to mark its inauguration.