Memories to soulful music – Frastanz

“Word and Sound” at Domino Frastanz with Jutta Maissen and Maya Salami.
©Henning Heilmann

Jutta Maissen’s second book at “Wort & Klang” staged in a domino with piano playing

FRASTANZ Perceptions and memories in thoughts and images accompanied by emotional piano playing: This combination inspired the latest edition of “Wort & Klang” in the Domino in Frastanz. Jutta Maissen presented her second book, which looks back on the past two years under the title “WRITE.WAY”.

On the historic day of the British Queen’s funeral, Jutta Maissen, farmer’s wife, author and enthusiastic amateur photographer from Brederis, invited everyone to pause and draw new hope for the future in the midst of painful losses. The contemplative evening in the “Wort und Klang” series was organized by Domino Frastanz and opened eyes and ears for some apparently bleak experiences in the pandemic, but encouraged us to look to the future with optimism even in difficult times. The soulful combination of text and music moderated Christl Stadler.

The guests of the evening listened to the words and wisdom of the author and immersed themselves in her enchanting images, which were superimposed to the text and music. An overarching element was gratitude: thanks for the harvest, for childhood memories, and ultimately for making decisions about life and death.

Maissen was accompanied by the native of Syria Maya Salami at the piano. Her mixture of well-known European and Arabic compositions ranged from Ludovico Einaudi to Yann Tiersen’s title melody of “The Fabulous World of Amelie.” This created a soulful atmosphere that did justice to the lyrics.

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Among the interested guests of the event stayed Marie-Louise and Reinhard Decker, Helga Tschabrunof Ortsbäuer Agathe Egger and many others. HE