BOLZANO VICENTINO. Riccardino didn't make it. The child from Bolzano Vicentino died last night at 9 pm in the hospital. That damned meningitis took him away. The tac, yesterday afternoon, gave the response that was feared from the first moment: irreversible coma. And the medical-legal commission of the San Bortolo hospital then ascertained brain death. An unequal struggle, that of Riccardo, against a ruthless disease. And an unfortunate fate that took away his wings at just 16 months.

The baby was vaccinated. But the pneumococcal vaccine, the bacterium that killed him in 48 hours, covers 88 percent of the invasive strains. There are, therefore, deadly forms of meningitis, among other things ultra-resistant to antibiotics, capable of piercing even the protective armor of a vaccine which, however, for younger children, remains the only weapon to keep an invisible danger away but always lurking.

Immense suffering of the young parents Daniele and Eleonora Parise, who never left their little Riccardo for a moment, and who, despite the endless agony for the loss of their son, gave their consent to the donation of the organs. Anxiety also in the pediatric intensive care unit where the child was hospitalized after arriving on Wednesday morning in the hospital.



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