Mennel (The Voice): “I hesitated a lot between Zazie and Mika “

Mennel (The Voice): “I hesitated a lot between Zazie and
 Mika “

VIDEO INTERVIEW – On Saturday evening, this 22-year-old student from Besançon convinced the four coaches of the telehandler by interpreting Hallelujah .

At your blind audition at The Voice where you interpreted Hallelujah the four coaches turned around. What did you feel at that moment? This is the strongest moment of my year, I believe. Zazie turned around after three words! It completely destabilized me. Then the other three followed. I do not believe it. I had the hope that the coaches would perceive all the sensitivity and finesse that there is in this spiritual song about God, and our relationship with him. And it worked.
Why choose Mika ? I thought of him before I even happened on the set. When making my choice, I still hesitated because what Zazie said was very touching. She made me very well. But finally, I stayed on my first choice. I love the musical unviers of Mika: colorful, flowery, fun. His personality is very much alive too. I find myself in there.

Why did you decide to participate in The Voice ? Music is a passion. Even more. It’s my way of life. I translate everything into music, emotions, my encounters … For me, The Voice is an opportunity to be able to express myself and discover who I really am. I watch the show for several years and each time, in front of an episode, I say to myself: “one day, it will be me, maybe”. Then I was spotted and now I live my dream.
“I’m not the kind of singer to shout”
Mennel, candidate of season 7 of The Voice

How did the guy from the telecrochet spot you? I have a channel on Youtube and on Instagram. The show team came across one of my videos and that’s how the adventure started.
Why do you wear a turban ? I am of Muslim confession so we can say that it is a way of wearing a veil in a more modern way. But that’s mostly part of my look. You will never see me without it. One can introduce me as “Mennel, the girl with a turban”.
It’s your signature finally? Yes, exactly, as other artists have inseparable accessories. Like Master Gims who never removes his dark glasses.
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What are your musical influences? When I was little, I listened to a lot of oriental music. In my family and with my friends, we danced a lot about it. Then, I became interested in English music: the band-moose of Disney films in English,. I like the sound of this language. Growing up, in college, I listened to R’n’B and urban songs. And in high school, it was soul. It’s like me today. I’m not the kind of singer screaming. I am more in the detail and finesse.
You are 22 years old. Are you still a student? In fact, I have several hats. Yes, I am a master student of English to become an English teacher. At the same time, I am in the middle school. And, moreover, I work as an animator in the extracurricular. I really like children.
Besides music, what are your other passions? Languages. I mention four. First, French (my mother tongue) and Arabic. With a Syrian and Turkish father and a Moroccan and Algerian mother, I have always spoken these two languages ​​at home. Then, at the age of 8, I learned English and finally in college, I learned Spanish. And by the way, I practice a little Swedish. I love traveling so it allows to communicate with many people.

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