Men’s Basketball Asian Cup: Chinese men’s basketball team missed the top four coach Du Feng apologized to fans across the country

Men’s Basketball Asian Cup: Chinese men’s basketball team missed the top four coach Du Feng apologized to fans across the country

2022-07-21 14:42:38Source: China News Network

China News Agency, Beijing, July 21st, 69:72! The difference of 3 points became a natural moat, and the Chinese men’s basketball team was once again blocked from the semi-finals of the Asian Cup.

The 2022 Men’s Basketball Asian Cup will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 20th. In a duel in the evening, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost to the Lebanese team, which had never lost in the Asian Cup before, and missed the semi-finals in two consecutive Asian Cups.

In this campaign, the Chinese team fell into a passive start at 2:10. After falling behind by 4 points at 13:17 in the first quarter, at the end of the first half, the gap with the opponent widened to 9 points (30:39).

In the third quarter, the Chinese team was behind by 16 points (33:49). After entering the fourth quarter with a score difference of 12 points (45:57), the Chinese team fought back and overtook the score with 64:63. But at the last moment, the Chinese men’s basketball team failed to seize the opportunity and finally lost to the opponent for the first time in the history of the Asian Cup with 69:72.

In this game, Zhou Qi, who was still on the bench, contributed 22 points, 21 rebounds and 3 blocks. In addition, there were no players in the Chinese team who scored in double figures. Gu Quan and Xu Jie each scored 9 points. “Post-00” teenager Jiang Weize scored 6 points. Lebanon’s Araki made 13 of 22 shots and scored a game-high 32 points.

Before this campaign, the Chinese men’s basketball team had met the Lebanese team in the Asian Cup (Asian Championship) 11 times, and the Chinese team had no defeats. But going out for this Asian Cup, the Chinese men’s basketball team is in an unprecedented predicament. In addition to the positive nucleic acid after the end of the World Preliminaries in Australia, which made Liaoning double stars Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei miss the Asian Cup, other players also suffered injuries to varying degrees. Even if a number of players were urgently recruited from the country to supplement the lineup, before the Asian Cup, the Chinese men’s basketball team had always only had about 6 players who could insist on normal training.

On the contrary, the Lebanese team in this Asian Cup has a neat lineup and strong troops. Araki, who had a short “part-time job” experience in the CBA, has become the core of the Lebanese team. In the group stage, the Lebanese team and the strong New Zealand team and the Philippines team, etc., won an average of more than 23 points per game. In the latest Asian Cup power rankings released by FIBA, the Lebanese team surpassed the Australian team ranked third in the world to advance to the top position. one.

Although the Chinese men’s basketball team once again stopped in the quarter-finals this time, largely because of the incomplete lineup and full of wounded soldiers, the Chinese team coach Du Feng did not make excuses at the press conference after the game. He said that if you lose, you lose, and it is your own reason. 22 turnovers is not the real level of the Chinese men’s basketball team, and the free throw rate is ridiculously low.

For this, Du Feng apologized to fans across the country. He said: “All fans will not accept this result, and we can’t accept it ourselves, but the biggest responsibility for this failure lies with the coach, and it has nothing to do with the players.” He said that most of the players in the Asian Cup are in poor physical condition, There have also been repetitions from time to time, but everyone has persisted, and it has been very moving.

It is reported that the Chinese men’s basketball team, which has finished the Asian Cup, will go to Europe to train and prepare for the men’s basketball World Cup qualifying window in late August.

The Men’s Basketball Asian Cup, formerly known as the Asian Men’s Basketball Championship, was founded in 1960 and has been held for 28 sessions. After 2015, the Men’s Basketball Championship was renamed the Men’s Basketball Asian Cup. The Chinese men’s basketball team participated in the Asian Championships for the first time since 1975, and won 16 championships and 19 podiums in the first 22 events. After the Oceania team joined the Asian Cup in 2017, it changed the pattern of Asian basketball. The world powerhouse Australia team became the new overlord of the current Asian Cup. At that time, the Chinese team was eliminated by it in the quarter-finals and missed the semi-finals. .

The Lebanese team, which advanced to the semi-finals of this Asian Cup, will face Jordan in the semi-finals on the 23rd. The latter upset the last runner-up Iran in the quarter-finals. The opponents of the other semi-final will be the winner of Australia’s match with Japan and the winner of New Zealand’s match with South Korea. (Finish)