Russian actress and TV presenter Yulia Menshova posted old family photos on her Instagram page. The story of the pictures she told her subscribers.

The first photo depicts Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova with a 15-year-old daughter, Yulia. In the second photo, the spouses are depicted against the background of a foreign poster of the Soviet film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”. Menshova said that the picture was sent to her by a stranger on a social network. He found it in an old Polish magazine in 1984. The star itself claims that she did not find these rare shots. "Good morning! One stranger, but a wonderful person sent through a social network – a rarity. Photos from some Polish magazine. 1984. Not lazy, and specially photographed. Like, suddenly I don’t have that? And I wasn’t mistaken. We have such photos. And they are so wonderful! They made my day! Thank you! ", – the actress wrote. "" How dad looks at mom in love "," Greetings from the past. Wonderful photos. "

Earlier, Julia Menshova posted on the Web some of her old photos taken in the 90s. Some pictures were taken in monochrome. So she decided to support a massive flash mob among celebrities who post their photos in their youth. Subscribers really liked the artist's publication: "Wow! What a beauty!"


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