Menstrual mask, should we follow this new trend?

For several years, TikTok has become the place for all challenges. Even the stupidest. A new trend praises the merits of applying a mask to the face… based on the menstruel. Proof of the enthusiasm, the videos referenced with the hashtag #periodbloodfacemask have collected more than 3.5 million views.

To justify this use, Internet users claim that the blood expelled during menstruation contains “all stem cells and all the nutrients that a baby would need and of course, your skin and your body need”. Homemade skin care that would have remarkable results.

An opinion far from being shared by dermatologists as reported by the Shape site and relayed by MademoiZelle. “It’s not a good idea for your skin for a number of reasons,” said board-certified dermatologist Joyce Park, founder of the Skin Refinery teledermatology clinic. “Menstrual blood is a mixture of epithelial – cutaneous – cells uterine lining, white blood cells and red blood cells,” Dr. Park explains in her own TikTok video. Additionally, she points out that there are “no proven benefits” to using menstrual blood as a face mask.

Beware of germs

A use that could have consequences on the skin. “Blood can easily be contaminated with germssuch as bacteria or fungi, and this can spread to your skin”, warns Dr. Park. Before completing: “If you have sexually transmitted infections, you can also transmit them to the skin of your face by using contaminated menstrual blood”.