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Mental health, endocrine disruptors, medical deserts … Our survey reveals young people's health concerns

Agnès Buzyn was interviewed by six young people from our panel on the issues that matter most to them according to a 20 MInutes-Opinion Way survey. – C. Follain / 20 Minutes

  • Before the interview with Agnes Buzyn by representatives of our community #MeYouth, we launched a survey to ask our panel what were their health concerns.
  • Mental health, endocrine disruptors and medical deserts are the topics that challenge them the most.
  • These are all themes that the six aspiring interviewers were able to discuss during their meeting with the Minister in our offices.

Last Thursday, the Minister of Health and Solidarities, Agnès Buzyna exchanged for more than an hour with six young people, students and workers between 19 and 24 years and members of the community
 #Moijeune. To feed this interview, 20 minutes, in partnership with the polling institute
Opinion Way, conducted a survey * of this panel to know their main health concerns. And asked those who wished to send us a question that they would have liked to ask the minister.

What are their three major concerns?

Clearly, health is a subject that fascinates them: 65% young people say they pay more attention to their health. The topics that concern them most are psychic health (21% choose this topic first among 12 items), endocrine disruptors (19%) and access to doctors (18%). As many topics as the six prospective interviewers we recruited had wished to discuss with the Minister. Maximilien, who lives in Aisne and knows several generalists close to retirement who can not find a replacement, wanted to talk about the medical deserts and the financial brake that drives many students to give up their treatment. A concern that is also reflected in our survey: 46% of the 18-30 year olds questioned have already given up treatment for financial reasons.

One in five young people touched hard drugs

Another topic that interests our community, addictions. In questions that these young people would have liked to ask the minister, one of them is interested in the question of prevention: "Would it be possible to fight against addictions without attacking the portfolio of those affected, I think of tobacco for example? ". Indeed, the minister wanted the cigarette package to increase to 10 euros by 2020, a question that Agnès Buzyn answered in our interview. Prevention of addictions, but also follow-up, this is the subject that Dorian, 19, from Besançon, was able to discuss with the minister. According to our survey, about one in five young people in our community have ever had access to hard drugs, regardless of their age, and 62% to soft drugs. Remember that this survey is based on the declarative. On the other hand, 89% feel fairly well informed about these various addictions (tobacco, aloccol, soft / hard drugs).

Many questions about sexuality

By contrast, 27% do not feel informed enough about their sexual health. Among the questions that some members of the community would have liked to ask Agnès Buzyn, many revolved around this information on addictions and sexual health. "Would it be possible to be more informed about hard and soft drugs as well as about sexually transmitted diseases in high school as well as college? Since it is in these years that everything is tested. ", Questions one of our users. As for Salome, one of the young readers of 20 minutes who was able to meet the minister, she wanted to challenge him about the possibility of making the contraceptive pill for men accessible.

* Study #MyYoung OpinionWay-20 Minutes conducted online from March 29 to April 4 in a representative sample of 871 young people aged 18 to 30 (quota method).

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can participate in the "#MOIJEUNE" project, a series of surveys launched by 20 minutes and built with and for young people. All info to register online right here.




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