mental health | Huge gaps in the world

Evolution of the approach to psychological care

“The last decade has seen remarkable progress in raising awareness about mental health needs and the gap in quality of care,” Moyano says.

“Currently, governments, donors and the international community are increasingly focusing on these areas. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen how mental health has been highlighted as one of the cornerstones that affects people’s health and well-being.”

However, despite the promotion of awareness about mental health and the availability of effective treatments for mental disorders, only 10 percent of people who need treatment in low- and middle-income countries receive treatment.

Moyano adds, “In the coming years, we will likely continue to experience high levels of human suffering from natural or man-made disasters, and governments and organizations will face challenges in providing an effective response. In turn, the resilience of communities and the effort of volunteers and local organizations will play a role play an essential role in protecting and supporting people in need.”

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