Mentors Marats and Busulis have also made their choice in “Factor X”

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Also in this show, the groups fought for the opportunity to be under the care of mentor Intars Busulis.

The choice had already been made by mentor Aija Auškāpa, who in the category of “girls from 16 to 25 years” gave Diana Paško, Anna Krista Ostrovska and Elīna Evelīna Jansone the opportunity to fight in the finals, while on the previous Sunday the team in the “25+” category was staffed by Reinis Sējāns. to fight Reinis Liepa, Elīna Gluzunova and Pavel Fomkin.

Bands that have proven themselves best in TV selections competed for a place in the team of mentor Intars Busulis. Before coming to the stage, Intars encourages the participants by saying: “If you are yourself, trying not to prove anything and perform with pleasure, then I believe that both I, you and the whole of Latvia will be able to see the best that has come out of the” X factor “. . “

The vocal ensemble “Smile” surprised the stage with a polyphonic sound, the group of young girls “The Gardens” took care of energetic and bright performances, the vocal surprising performance was demonstrated by the twin sisters duo “Rozes”, a romantic and loving story was sung by the family duo “Couple Gulb” The lady trio “Lemonade” surprised with a professional performance, while the return to the “X Factor” stage was experienced by three participants who did not win a place in the Reina team – Elīna Žizņevska, Līga Reņģe and Viktors Dobkevičš, who united in a group called “CA Band” or “Challenge Accepted “.

For the first time, mentor Maratas Ogļezņevs had to make dramatic decisions tonight when choosing his team. He said inspiring words to the team’s contenders: “I look forward to seeing in you the zeal that you are doing what you want to do, and that is your heart’s desire. I hope you will not disappoint yourself and put everything out, because there are only three chairs and there are many of you ”.

To fight for the chance to get on the Marata team, Estonian Arons, environmental activist Patrick Piterter, talented Mark Hirsson, bright Artis Zakis, Klavs Ozols, selected by the jury as the nugget of gold, owner of the evening’s lowest voice and jazz musician Everts Krauklis, already known Kalderauskis, Dagnis Roziņš, who also writes his own songs and music. Kevin Dylan from Cameroon also came with a strong message.

At the end of the show, it was also clarified who would then be in charge of Busulis and Ogļezņevs in the continuation of the “X factor”. The Intara team will include the trio “Lemonade”, the girls ‘duo “The Gardens” and the twin sisters’ duo “Rozes”, but the Marata team – Klāvs Ozols, Artis Zaķis and Dagnis Roziņš.

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