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By this weekend, all French people living in metropolitan France will see their movements limited: a certificate will be needed, and therefore a legitimate reason, to leave a radius of 10 km. La Dépêche du Midi offers you tools to help you calculate this free movement area.

Faced with the “3rd wave” which affects France, Emmanuel Macron announced a new turn of the screw this Wednesday, March 31 in the evening. The geographic restrictions currently applied in 19 departments where the Covid-19 epidemic is raging more than elsewhere, will thus be extended to the entire territory. Thus, throughout France, any outing will soon have to be justified by a certificate (and a legitimate reason), unless you limit your movement to a radius of 10 km around your main residence.

However, it is difficult for individuals to know what this area corresponds to. A number of tools exist to enable this free movement area to be calculated. The “” application, available on the government site “data.gouv”, allows you to draw on a map a circle with a radius of 10 kilometers around you. All you need to do is enter a reference address.

It is also possible to calculate your traffic zone from the map below, offered by the Esri site (if no card appears, please deactivate your ad blocker) :

In practice, “if your destination is outside the blue zone, it is because it is located at a distance of more than 10 km from your home and unless you have a compelling reason, you will be prohibited from traveling. get there “.

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