Mercadona opens supermarket in Setúbal – C Studio

The brand opens today the first store outside the North region.

Mercadona opens its first store today in the city of Setúbal. Located at number 1 of Avenida Mestre Lima de Freitas, this supermarket represents an important milestone in the company’s expansion plan, as it was the first to open outside the North region, where Mercadona had, until then, all its supermarkets, distributed throughout the districts of Porto, Braga, Aveiro and Viana do Castelo.

Almost celebrating three years since the first opening, on July 2, 2019, in Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Mercadona plans to invest 150 million euros in Portugal in the opening of ten stores this year.

With around 150 parking spaces, including two for charging electric vehicles, the Setubal store has a sales area of ​​1,900 m2 divided into the butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger, pastry and bakery, perfumery, fruit and vegetable and ready-to-eat, with self-service and several options of dishes, served in packaging made of natural materials, such as sugarcane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

All new supermarkets are built in compliance with Mercadona’s Efficient Store Model. This model includes wide aisles so that the “bosses”, as the company calls its customers, can make their purchases comfortably, a double-glazed entrance that avoids drafts, specific lines for refrigerated juices, sushi mural, charcuterie with ham cut with a knife and packaged at the moment and a freshly squeezed orange juice machine.

Store employs more than six dozen

The new supermarket in the city of Sadina will generate 65 new, stable and quality jobs with fixed contracts from day one, with spaces still available for the various stores of the chain that continues to expand across the country. All offers are available in the company’s employment section.

Next opening is in Montijo, on July 15

In addition to Setúbal, the company plans to open another six supermarkets this year in Santarém, Caldas da Rainha, Santa Maria da Feira, Oeiras, Viseu and Montijo. The Montijo store opens on the 15th of July and is located on Rua do Laboratório, in the Union of Parishes of Montijo e Afonsoeiro.

Efficient store model

Year after year, Mercadona has invested in renewable energies with the aim of supplementing energy needs, reducing emissions and improving the environmental performance of its stores. This bet was made, for example, through the installation of solar panels in some supermarkets, as is the case of the Setúbal store, where there are about 430 solar panels with a capacity to produce 200 kW. By generating renewable energy of photovoltaic origin on the roofs of the stores, for self-consumption, the company saves approximately 20% of electricity annually. This commitment also results in a network of stores that, without sacrificing quality of service, extract the maximum possible income from energy resources.

Every day essential goods are donated

One of the commitments that Mercadona maintains with society is to share part of what it receives from it. With this objective in mind, the company develops its Social Responsibility Plan, which includes food donations from each of its stores.

This new store, in Setúbal, will donate, daily, and from the first day, essential goods to APACCF – Association of Teachers and Friends of Children of Casal das Figueiras, whose mission is to develop activities that socially promote its users and the their families, namely the most needy, through, for example, its facilities such as the social canteen, which serves more than 50 meals a day, and Lugar da Manhã, with more than 50 users. Thus, the donations of essential goods made by Mercadona will serve, above all, to prepare meals that ensure the well-being of children, their families and the community.

In the district of Setúbal, Mercadona also signed a collaboration agreement with Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome, an entity that currently supports more than 32,000 people through the delivery of food to more than 200 local social solidarity institutions.