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Espr to compete in the final of the Coupe de France against Paris Saint-Germain, Friday July 24, William Saliba will not be there. Indeed, the central defender was finally retained by Arsenal, which refuses to make a Saint-tienne flower.

Mercato: Arsenal sends ASSE back into the ropes for Saliba!

Saliba will not play the final of the Coupe de France.

This is what can be called very bad news. Recruited by Arsenal, last summer, for 30 million euros, William Saliba (19) hoped to play his last match with Saint-tienne against Paris Saint-Germain, Friday July 24, in the final of the Coupe de France . It will not be.

The Greens’ rant

Indeed, the two clubs ultimately did not find an agreement. And despite the reassuring message of Mikel Arteta, a few hours ago. I think he should stay there. We have an agreement with Saint-tienne. He has won the right to play this final if his coach so desires. I think we have the right to give him this opportunity, let him take advantage of it before we call him back , said the Spanish manager.

But that was without counting on the much less flexible position of the London leaders. Hlas, ASSE, who simply wanted the extension of the initial loan until July 24, could not find an agreement in the evening with Arsenal to allow the defender to properly prepare and play this meeting, the English club imposing absolutely unacceptable sports and financial conditions , communicated ASSE on its official website.

Arsenal don’t want to pay more

Bad news, far from surprising. And for good reason, a tenure of Bleuet for this great meeting would have allowed Saint-tienne to recover 2.5 million euros. A bonus negotiated by the two clubs, which had agreed on this sum if Saliba had just started a third of the club’s matches, that is to say 17 out of 52. With only 16 matches started, due to repetitive injuries, the now ex-Green therefore not bring back his former club a little more.

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