Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Jackpot for Adrien Rabiot!


Foot – Mercato – PSG

Posted on April 22, 2019 at 4:45 am by Alexandre Higounet

The young Parisian midfielder, Adrien Rabiot, will hit a jackpot with his future club. Explanation.

Adrien Rabiotif he has not yet officially signed in his future club, when he has the right to do so, has he already settled an agreement unofficially? Hard to say as is, but the assumption is far from impossible for the midfielder of the PSG, which reaches the end of the contract June 30.

A huge signature bonus

One thing, in any case, is certain: the midfielder of PSG will make the passage a very big financial blow. As he is free, his future club has no transfer fee to pay. Consequently, Adrien refill and his entourage are in a position to negotiate a very large signing bonus, in addition to an XXL contract. If no figure has filtered on the subject, we can legitimately estimate, given the player's status, that it will be several million euros, at the very least. This is why PSG should never have left refill arrive in his last year of contract. It had to either be extended last summer or sold. Because by letting the player enter his last year of contract, the prospect of a free signature at the end of the season made it impossible – almost mechanically – any new discussion between the two parties.


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