Mercedes-AMG EQE 43: A car created by ajjaka shows what is possible today

Three million crowns and an open mind. That’s about as much as it takes to decide to put a big electric Benz in your garage, where nothing is like it used to be. The show of technology goes hand in hand with brutal acceleration, and everything is also surrounded by the mystery of the fixed hood, which there is no reason to open. But it takes a while to get used to this car.

Although it might seem that people in Europe have only been dealing with covid and war for some time, the test car is proof that some of them are doing other things as well. It’s barely been nine years since the first electric Mercedes reached customers, which few people were excited about. The electrified B-Class had a short range and took a long time to charge. And she was also expensive, that goes without saying.

Those who fell asleep during the following period or were not very interested in cars will be surprised at how the offer of the brand with the three-pointed star has changed in that relatively short time. When he opens its website today, a parade of electric cars of all kinds jumps out at him. The combustion ones are there too, but it is obvious that their era is slowly coming to an end.

The EQE class can be described as a new interpretation of the good old “Éček”, which would also correspond to the body length of just under five meters. It is 27 centimeters shorter than the very similar EQS at first glance, and it is also not a liftback, where the rear window rises together with the trunk lid. This time, Mercedes created a classic three-seater sedan.

In this case, however, the work of the designers with aerodynamics goes far beyond the scope of common practices. The result is not only noiseless driving at high speeds, but also the fact that highway speed is practically not reflected in increased consumption. The tested Mercedes used its 21 kWh per 100 kilometers and it didn’t matter at all whether it was moving in the city or on the Mladá Boleslav highway.

At the same time, we are talking about a car that has almost 500 horsepower, and within the two available AMG versions we are talking about the weaker one. It’s about whether the car accelerates to 100 in 4.2 seconds or in three and a half, as the Type 53 can do. Maximalists are already clear, but honestly, four seconds is also fine.

Shine, shine, my star

In the first moments behind the wheel, the driver seems to be overcome by the excess of technical conveniences. However, although Mercedes rode the wave of digitization and deprived the car of a central controller, it threw the driver a lifeline in the form of omnipresent whisperers. It is not necessary to study the manual to operate, everything can be intuitively clicked through. It is possible to choose from several types of classic alarm clocks, raise or lower the chassis, choose a driving mode including the sound the car should make. There’s so much going on that one wonders if it all serves to distract traditional fans of the AMG division, who might be looking for a bubbling eight-cylinder.

While many things in the car seem extravagantly opulent, some are nonetheless fascinating. For example, standard-mounted Digital Light headlights. They are not only able to effectively cover oncoming cars so that their drivers do not feel that they are being dazzled by the high beams. In addition, they can “draw” various shapes on the road. For example, when the Mercedes seems to be not keeping a sufficient distance from the car in front, it conjures up a traffic accident symbol on the asphalt.

However, all the conveniences of modern technology are ultimately dependent on input data, which, given its wide scope, is naturally not without errors. For example, when driving to the Ionity charging station near the village of Nupaky on the D1 highway, the car ended up in a warehouse area under the highway, and between it and the charger there was an approximately five-meter terrain elevation.

To the finish even without coffee

The Mercedes EQE does not belong to the generation of electric cars whose owners have to plan various activities in order to wait long hours at charging stations. The large battery in the floor is enough for 400 kilometers of driving with all available comfort. Fast charging with a power of up to 170 kW will come in handy on longer journeys. So it takes less than half an hour for the car to cover the same distance again.

And it’s a spectacular drive, if only because the all-wheel drive manages to transfer all the power to the road without hesitation, but the driver can increase the level of fun by resetting the rigid ESP interventions. Individual setting of chassis stiffness is also desirable, the default one is too soft for the character of the car. Remarkably, the sport mode isn’t uncomfortably jerky either, although in this case it could be down to the low-profile tires.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC

Motor: 2x synchronous with permanent magnets
Power: 350 kW / 476 hp
Torque: 858 Nm
Battery: Li-Ion, 90.6 kWh (usable capacity)
Top speed: 210 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4.2 s
Combined consumption: 19.7 – 22.5 kWh/100 km (WLTP)
Volume of the luggage compartment: 430 l
Load capacity (standby / useful): 2525 / 570 kg
Price: from 2,874,130 CZK

The acceleration that the EQE can demonstrate is breathtaking, even by the standards of electric cars. When the driver presses the accelerator to the floor at a hundred, it is as if a huge magnet is attached to the car. The Mercedes will start as if it were starting from scratch.

But then there is the unmistakable weight of 2.5 tons, which can be felt immediately as soon as the car turns off the highway into winding switchbacks. Try as they might, EQE naturally feels a bit cumbersome here. Even the detached steering, which transmits the action from the wheels to the driver through a dense filter of electronics, is not a special experience.

The Mercedes EQE 43 is an exemplary demonstration of the possibilities currently offered by an electric car from the world’s leading manufacturer. As such, it works great and is absolutely exceptional in its complexity. But those who are looking for a light-footed sports car for fun travel along alpine switchbacks should look elsewhere.