Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, W198, wood, wood carving

In 1952, the Mercedes-Benz W194 racing car was stored in long-distance races, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, among others. The street version of a successful and eye-catching car made at the urging of an American car dealer is also the Stuttgart brand, it has become the 300 SL – and how well it did!

Thanks to its wing-like doors, the nickname Gullwing was one of Mercedes’ hit hits. The 3-liter, direct-injection, dry-cranked crankcase was a world-class technical breakthrough among street cars, but the shape has become even more appealing – and, as decades have proven, more durable – has become a true legend.

The model, introduced in 1954, was produced as a coupe until 1957, and as a roadster until 1963, the surviving specimens of the narrow 3,300 produced (1,400 coupes and 1,858 roadsters) are now treasured, at prices ranging from $ 1 million to € 6 million per euro, depending on vintage, design and condition. they spin.

Don’t confuse it with a similar but technically completely different 300 SLR, one of which has probably become the most expensive car in the world!

Of course, the latter fact thoroughly narrows the possibilities of a one-time car enthusiast, but admiration can be expressed in other forms than possession, an example of which is the following masterpieces.

Although clay and wood models are already on the verge of the automotive industry – computer design and 3D printing are much simpler and more economical – there are individuals who still do this as a hobby, some can work wonders with a few pieces of wood with enthusiasm, tremendous skill and care. .

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A real masterpiece is the wood-carved Mercedes

The craft, which is on YouTube under the name Woodworking Art, has carved out a number of breathtaking pieces – quite a few cars from Ford Raptor through the Bugatti Chiron to the Ferrari F1 – among others – but this time we’re showing the 300 SL.

It’s amazing how the blocks form larger shapes and then quite miniature details like engine compartment shapes, glass-like windows, opening doors and even three-pronged stars returning from the steering wheel.

According to his Facebook page, the master doesn’t work cheap, but he will certainly make a wood version of a real 300 SL – or any type of any other brand – for a fraction of the market.

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