Mercedes-Benz Chile opens its official Spotify account

Mercedes-Benz and Kaufmann presented their new official account on the online music platform Spotify. It is the first musical space conceived by a luxury vehicle brand, which offers a variety of lists designed and created to accompany its clients or friends of the brand on the road and anywhere.

“Mercedes-Benz Chile” is the name of the account, which is already active on the streaming platform. Currently, it has eight playlists, which are divided by car models or concepts associated with the German brand. Among them, “Class A: like you”, “GLA: live the city and enjoy the adventure”, “Class C: enjoy your comfort zone”, “Class G: adventure with style”, “Class S: elegance and sophistication”, “AMG: feel the power of performance”, “Primavera Coupé” and “She’s Mercedes”.

As for the musical styles available, there is something for all tastes: in this new account you can find great hits and classics of pop, electronic, indie-rock, rock, electro pop from the 80s, soul, jazz, among other trends and genres. .

“Primavera Coupé,” for example, is a playlist that lines up with the arrival of the season, featuring the best of R&B, with tracks like Massive Attack’s Blue Lines and D’Angelo’s Feel Like Makin’ Love.

“We are happy to present this new Mercedes-Benz platform in Chile, which represents a different effort, not only in wanting to accompany our customers on the road, but in becoming part of their lifestyle. We want to be able to be present both on a highway on the way to work, as well as at a weekend celebration with friends,” said Matías Velasco, deputy manager of Kaufmann Automotive Marketing.

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To get to know and enjoy “Mercedes-Benz Chile” on Spotify, click here.