Mercedes-Benz does not intend to curtail production of the old "Helika"

Mercedes-Benz does not intend to curtail production of the old "Helika"

The company decided to continue production of the old version of Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and in its special version of Professional. This family of modifications appeared in the early nineties and was separated from the massive “civilian” G-Class. Professional models differed quite spartan equipment, utilitarianism and served as special vehicles in various departments and organizations, and even the chassis code they had their own: W461 instead of W463 from the massive “Helikov”.

It is the 461st G-Class and will remain on the market, despite its venerable age. As told in an interview with the publication Road & Track Jan Hadley James, marketing director of Mercedes-Benz, who manages the G-Class model, will continue to sell the W461 in some markets, where the use of Euro 5 compliant vehicles is permitted. According to him, G-Class Professional still enjoys stable demand. According to Hadley James, G-Class Professional becomes more and more unique over time, there are no other similar cars on the market, but there is a need for them. Therefore, while for such a model there is a niche in the market, it makes sense not only to preserve it, but also to modernize. The release of the “professional” G-Class of the old quenching is handled by the same Magna-Steyr plant in Graz, Austria, where they also assemble the new G-Class. The model will be produced in the versions of the classic SUV, chassis with a cab and six-wheeled performance.

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