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Mercedes diesel under suspicion of cheating: Daimler threaten compulsory recalls – domestic policy


The diesel affair is widening at Daimler. According to BamS information, the car maker faces further compulsory recalls.

For months, Kraftfahrbundesamt (KBA) and Daimler have been arguing about a software function. The charge of the authority: The car manufacturer has used the model GLK 220 CDI (built in 2012 to 2015) a so-called "coolant setpoint temperature control" for the manipulation of emissions tests.

In the current process now came out that the offending software function was used nationwide. As Daimler confirmed to BamS, it was used in the models with the engines OM 651 and OM 642 (including C-, E- and S-Klase). According to company spokesman, the function is legal.

The KBA sees this completely differently, an official recall of 60,000 GLK 220 CDI is imminent. Subsequently, threatened with coercive measures against other models with the alleged fraud software.

"Statements about a recall or its theoretical scope are pure speculation at the present time. We will not participate in that, "says a company spokesman.

According to BamS information, Daimler is carrying out nearly 4 million cars of voluntary software measures because of the diesel affair across Europe. Forced recall has so far affected only 775,000 vehicles. This number could rise soon.

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