Mérida will be promoted in Fitur as a safe and “inexhaustible” tourist destination

Merida will be unveiled in 2022 features as a safe and accessible tourist destination under the slogan ‘Merida inexhaustible’. The regional capital will attend the international fair in Madrid in a space shared with other enclaves in the region (such as Cáceres and the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe) inside the Extremadura stand, As explained at a press conference by the municipal delegate for Tourism, Pillar Love. His department attends the contest “excited” and to show the “infinity of possibilities” that the city poses as a family, cultural or event destination.

Mérida’s presentation will be on Thursday, February 20 at 10:30 a.m. with the participation of the mayor, Antonio Rodriguez Osuna; the director of the Consortium of the Monumental City of Mérida, Felix Palm; the director of the Mérida International Classical Theater Festival, Jesus Cimarro, and Pilar Amor herself.

During the fair, the government team will hold technical meetings with companies in the sector and others at the political level with telecommunications and tourism digitization companies. What’s more, the distinction as a smart tourist destination will be collected and the presentation of the new network ‘Destinations of Roman Spain’ will be attended, Mérida being one of the cities that has promoted this project.

Likewise, the capital of Extremadura will attend Fitur 2022 at the presentation of the cultural routes of the Cooperation Network of Cities on the Vía de la Plata Route; to the acts prepared by the Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain such as the assembly, the presentation of its action plan or the renewal of an agreement with Paradores.

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promotional videos

Content such as the Mérida Accesible app, places Pet Friendly, the project Destination Augusta Emerita, Mérida Aventura or the Play Movil Gymkhana. What’s more, The video Heritage Cities, another for Holy Week, Religious Tourism and Emérita Lúdica will be screened.

Likewise, in physical format there will be accessible guides and plans, the gastrotourist guide of Heritage Cities, tourist plans, information on Holy Week, a congress manual, brochures on the Vía de la Plata Route or a manual on nature, birds and natural spaces, among others.

Mérida will also take advantage of Fitur to ‘sell’ the work of their artisans, through a green statue of the goddess Aphrodite that will be displayed at the promotional stand and through which, through a QR code, visitors will be able to obtain various information about the city and its leisure, culture and tourism possibilities .

In his speech, Amor recalled that Mérida has registered “very good” tourist figures in 2021, similar to those of 2019, although in recent weeks there has been a decline and several hotel cancellations due to the omicron variant. In the near future, the Strategic Tourism Plan for Mérida will be presented, in whose development citizens, hoteliers and restaurateurs have participated.