At the German-Chinese intergovernmental consultations Chancellor Angela Merkel wants
(CDU) advised Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the US trade dispute. The German economy
hopes the meeting a signal against the closure
national markets, but also better market access in China ,

Only two days before the meeting was the Customs dispute of the two largest economies USA and
China escalates , The USA had previously imposed tariffs against the EU. Observers fear a trade war with global
Consequences, also for Germany. Economy hopes for a “common signal” towards the USA “We have to be careful that we are not in one
Escalation, in which there are only losers, “said Hubert Lienhard, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Committee of the Germans
Economy, before the meeting. Germany and China are
as the world’s largest export nations in the same situation. “I
I could already have a common signal at the consultations
imagine. But not as a threat to the US, but rather as
common commitment to free trade. “Lienhard added:” We stand
in competition between two systems: Chinese state capitalism
  against our free market economy, “he said.” That always prepares
again problems that are addressed at such a meeting
can.” Trade dispute – China and the US prove each other with import duties
The US levies tariffs on Chinese imports of goods in the amount of 34 billion dollars. China counters and imposes duties on American products to the same extent.

© Photo: Mark Schiefelbein / AP / dpa

The German
Foreign Trade President Holger Bingmann sees progress in
Market access for German companies in China. “Seeing now
After a long period of standstill, there is a lot going on in China
right direction, “he said Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung , Important sectors such as
Financial services and the automotive industry are for
foreign investment has been opened, said the president
of the Federal Association of Wholesale, Foreign Trade, Services.
But: “As much as we welcome that, there can and must be more
happen, because in many areas there are, unlike in
Germany for Chinese companies, no
equal market access, “said Bingmann. CDU foreign politician Norbert Röttgen called the Federal government on, the Chinese government to comply
to demand global trade rules. “Germany has as one of
very few countries have a trade surplus with China.
That is precisely why the Federal Government needs to continue China
pushing hard, the international rules and the
respect for international order, “said the chairman of the
Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag the editorial network
Germany. “This is especially the case
Protecting intellectual property through forced joint ventures and
enforced technology transfer remains substantial
Injuries, “said Röttgen.

These are the fifth intergovernmental consultations between
Germany and China since 2011. Merkel receives Li in the late morning
in the chancellery, in the afternoon take both at one
Economic forum in part. The People’s Republic was in 2017 for the second time in
Result of Germany’s most important trading partner. When visiting Lis should
several contracts are signed, including one
Government Declaration on Cooperation in Autonomous Driving. Merkel should also address human rights in China The
Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Government, Bärbel Kofler, criticized China’s regression in human and civil rights. “Especially
This is noticeable for the critical civil society, for
Human rights lawyers, journalists and bloggers, “said the
SPD politician to the newspapers of the editorial network Germany. Representatives of Uyghur had before the meeting
  the Chancellor also appeals for persecuted members of the
Minority in northwest China.
In addition, the Human Rights Commissioner criticized the so-called Social credit scoring system with China
  Government oversee, capture and, as the case may be, reward or punish the behavior of its citizens. This policy is “special
worrying “. Nevertheless, regular exchanges with the Chinese government are important. government consultations
  are expressions of special relationships with selected partner countries. At
Not only the heads of government, but also ministers take part in the meetings
part. Such joint cabinet meetings have been held in the past
For example, even with some EU countries, Israel, Turkey
or Russia.


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