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Merkel's mother dead: Before the funeral, the family asks for a special donation

Herlind Kasner, the mother of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is dead. A message of condolence now came from the Turkish President Erdogan – he telephoned Merkel.

Update from April 13, 17:43: The mother of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Herlind Kasner, is buried on Thursday (18.4.) In her hometown Templin in Nordbrandenburg.

A funeral notice in the "Nordkurier" (Saturday) said that the 90-year-old was being buried in the immediate vicinity of the family. Before that, a church service is planned in the Maria Magdalenen church. In the funeral announcement are Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer and the siblings of the Chancellor called.

In addition, there should be a musical memorial in the "little church in the countryside" in Old Placht on the outskirts of Templin, reports As early as 2011, the deceased father of Merkel had been thought there.

The pastor Horst Kasner had campaigned for the reconstruction of this structure in the midst of centuries-old trees. In the funeral announcement for Merkel's mother is now apparently asked for a donation for the small church instead of flowers and wreaths.

Update from April 12, 19:57: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed his condolences to Chancellor Angela Merkel on the death of her mother. Erdogan and Merkel had phoned each other on Friday, reported the state-run Turkish news agency Anadolu and other pro-government media in the evening. Merkel's mother Herlind Kasner had died at the age of 90 years, as announced on Wednesday.

Erdogan's conversation with the Chancellor was also about bilateral relations, the reports said. The German-Turkish relationship is still tense. Among other things, the arrest of several German citizens for alleged terrorist charges in 2017 had a heavy impact on relations. When, from the end of 2017, some of the remand prisoners were released and allowed to leave, they improved slightly.

After the death of her mother – hardly anyone knows what Angela Merkel looks like

Update from April 12, 11:53: Even the Chancellor's closest (political) confidants know little to nothing about her private life. At least that's reported, Many of her companions had never seen the interior of her private apartment in Berlin.

Merkel is also a role model for sobriety and serenity for many Germans. It is considered scandal-free and prudent. Even in difficult times, such as during the 2008 banking crisis and the refugee problem in 2015, the Chancellor remained sovereign. And: She does not seem to be in any of a crisis because she still ranks among the most popular politicians in the country.

But without emotions Angela Merkel is not involved. Familiar know that she can rant in the closest circle sometimes angry or happy times laughs, the paper reports. Her grief, however, usually keeps them to herself. Her statement after the death of her father Horst Kastner 2011 is still valid today: "Everyone who has experienced something similar in his family knows how it is." So she will certainly mourn for her mother, but she will become public you do not notice it.

Merkel's mother died: This is known about the relationship – Chancellor continues to work iron

20:27: German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently wants to continue her appointments after the death of her mother Herlind Kasner. On Thursday, although officially no duties were on the calendar, on Friday, the Chancellor but again to welcome the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the Chancellery.

According to current status, the appointment will take place and will not be canceled because of the fate in the family.

During the deliberations at the Chancellor's Office in Berlin, a joint lunch will include bilateral relations, the domestic political situation in Ukraine and the further implementation of the Minsk agreements. Poroshenko fights on Easter Sunday in a runoff against the political freshman and comedian Volodymyr Selenskyj for president.

Hometown in mourning for the mother of Chancellor Angela Merkel

14:44: After the death of the mother of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Herlind Kasner, there is mourning in her hometown Templin. "I'm affected," said Mayor Detlef Tabbert (left) on Thursday on request. He had personally known Mrs. Kasner for many years. Further, he did not want to express the death of the 90-year-old out of respect for the privacy of the family. Kasner is said to have died in early April.

Merkel's mother was last at the public award ceremony of honorary doctorate to her daughter Angela on 8 February in the city here. He had talked to her, said Tabbert appearing in Neubrandenburg "Nordkurier" (Thursday). It was about the revival of the Joachimsthal High School as European School. The former teacher still taught at the time English for beginners and advanced at the community college.

Is Merkel free after the death of her mother?

Update from April 11, 6:37 pm: As image reported, Thursday would be no important dates in the calendar of the Chancellor. In addition, speculated imagewhether Chancellor Merkel meets on Friday, as planned, the President of Ukraine. However, there is no question of a cancellation, it goes on to say.

After the death of her father, Horst Kasner, Merkel said loudly image At first, however, all of the appointments were canceled – but soon afterwards they became reality again. So she held three days after the death of his father again speeches in the Bundestag.

Merkel had negotiated from Wednesday to Thursday into the night at a special summit in Brussels on a delay for the Brexit. Read all news here. While the mood was quite tense, the summit-experienced Chancellor even provided for cheer and a real laugh attack with Theresa May.

Mother of Angela Merkel died at the age of 90 years

Great sadness in the house Merkel. The mother of the Federal Chancellor died at the age of 90 years.

This was first reported by the magazine SUPERillu, in which Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert confirms the death. "Herlind Kasner, the mother of the Federal Chancellor, has passed away. We ask you to respect the privacy of the Chancellor and her family, "said a government spokesman also Bild-Zeitung.

Merkel's mother Kasner dead: This is known about the relationship between the two

Kasner, the learned Latin and English teacher, is said to have passed away in early April, the funeral will probably take place in the small family and friends in Templin, the magazine said.

Video: Fate blow for Angela Merkel

In February 2019, Herlind Kasner had accompanied her daughter Angela Merkel, when the Chancellor had been appointed honorary citizen of Templin. Merkel had spent there from 1957 to 1973 with her parents Horst and Herlind Kasner and siblings Irene and Markus childhood and adolescence. Kasner was always there when her daughter was elected head of government – last year just over a year ago. Angela Merkel had according to media reports always a very close relationship with her mother, who now died at 90 years.

Otherwise, however, the couple Kasner was in the public only a little present. At major events such as Merkel's swearing in the Bundestag, as well as celebrations, such as her 60th birthday in 2014, the mother of the Chancellor participated.

Herlind Kasner, the mother of Angela Merkel, is dead.

© dpa / Rainer Jensen

Merkel was born in Hamburg – then she moved to the GDR with her mother and father

Herlind Kasner gave birth to daughter Angela in 1954 and moved from Hamburg to the GDR in the same year. There she led a college, where Brandenburg pastors learned to preach. As a wife of a pastor, Herlind Kasner was not allowed to teach at public schools, as Merkel's biographer Gerd Langguth writes. When the wall was built in 1961, she is said to have cried many times. Later, the mother of Angela Merkel still three days a week gave English courses at the adult education center Templin in Brandenburg.

She was considered happy and cheerful, as a teacher of passion. Kasner lived until recently in the city in the north of Brandenburg. Merkel's father Horst Kasner died in Berlin on 2 September 2011 at the age of 85 and was buried in Templin.

Did Merkel first want to join the SPD?

By Horst Kasner is known that he was very leftist. Angela Merkel, so reported the Time originally wanted to become active in the SPD, but then refrained from doing so. The reason? Lothar de Maiziere (CDU), the last GDR Prime Minister called it to the newspaper "amazing".

He suspects that Merkel decided "perhaps also in demarcation to the father" for the CDU Horst Kasner should therefore have been "a very strong personality and always very left".


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