Merten Krings is looking forward to Emsdetten

3. Handball Bundesliga
Merten Krings is looking forward to Emsdetten

The captain of HSG Krefeld Niederrhein played for the Eagles’ next opponent for four years. He is currently dissatisfied with his role in the team. In the home game against the leaders, he is hoping for a lot of support from the fans.

When the top game of the 3rd Handball Bundesliga, Group West, between HSG Krefeld Niederrhein and TV Emsdetten kicks off next Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Glockenspitzhalle, it will be a very special duel for Merten Krings. After all, the Eagles captain wore the jersey of the guests from northern Münsterland for four seasons.

“Emsdetten is still something special for me. I spent the best time of my career there. So this is not an easy game for me. I felt very comfortable there. The club is still very close to my heart and for which I still have great sympathy, of course not on Saturday.”

The captain is satisfied with the way the season has gone so far: “We’re on target in terms of points. It’s also our aim to beat the opponents we’ve had up until now, more or less confidently.” will get stuck or be in third or fourth place somewhere. That will become clear in the game against Emsdetten.”

The 33-year-old backcourt strategist had already expected the previous results in the west group: “Everything is actually going as you could imagine. only Lemgo II should have more points, they play very fast handball. Aldekerk certainly surprised, but they haven’t played against top teams either.”

Compared to the previous season, Krings sees a significantly stronger Eagles team: “We have a better squad in terms of quality and quantity, we can draw on plenty and play fast handball for over 60 minutes. We are always able to score a lot of goals.” The defense initially suffered as a result: “That was much better against Opladen. Our goal must be that we don’t concede more than 26 goals against such teams.”

But he doesn’t want to overestimate the development with his experience: “In the previous season we had just as many points at a similar time. We’ll have to wait for the top games to be able to say exactly where we stand. In these games you have to show that you can function as a team.”

Krings is currently not satisfied with his own role in the team. After all, since the home game against Minden II he wasn’t in the backcourt from the start, but newcomer Tim Claasen: “It’s not easy for me to deal with it because I see myself differently. Because of my job I have a lot to do. But it’s not my aim to sit on the bench. The fact that I don’t play 60 minutes is clear and also an advantage for me. The way the situation is for me right now, I don’t understand it. I can also say that and articulate it accordingly.” In terms of his handball skills, he must be number 1 in the back: “I think I can say that because of my career.” But that’s not a criticism of the coach: “That’s my subjective Opinion. As a player you see it differently. For me it is now necessary to accept the situation as it is. Then we’ll see how that develops.” Coach Mark Schmetz is happy that he can rely on two strong backcourt players in the middle: “They both complement each other perfectly. We know how important Merten is for us.”

Although he is dissatisfied with his situation, the team is of course in the foreground for him: “It is important that we win against Emsdetten now. If Tim scores ten goals and we win, I’m not mad. But I think they still need me in games like this.”

Emsdetten advertises with the slogan “Heart blood – I’m in”. That suits Krings: “There is a whole city that is crazy about handball behind the club. For generations, everyone goes to the hall.” The Eagles captain also wants the same from the Krefeld fans on Saturday: “The game should be a crowd puller. We need our fans. It will be an exciting and attractive game.”