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Messages of support, solidarity and fight for Humanity

Lucien Sève Philosopher

"We have twenty reasons to mobilize as never before so that the newspaper of Jaures lives. They all refer to one and the same: Humanity we are indispensable because the master asset of finance to impose its disaster policy is the mystification of consciences. We live a real war of insolent infox and twisted false sense, this incessant manipulation of the vocabulary where the work is called a cost and the "it is me who decides" great debate. The fabulous archaism of a world where a tiny profiteering minority can decide our fate for all still holds only thanks to the daily mystification of the great number. Combat, there is more and more, as shown by the pugnacity of yellow vests. What is lacking for the great change is what Marx called the intelligence of the historical movement, which alone will bring the hundred rivers of protest together into a river of irresistible revolution. The taking of the Bastille today is above all awareness. That's why the billionaires took control of the press. And why have in France a daily tirelessly demystifying is a chance that we can not let lose. To save Huma will be more than saving the newspaper; it will save a major way to lead and win the crucial battle of awareness. For "human first", let's save first Mankind! Seeking as each one to contribute, I have two suggestions to make. What, to make live Huma, giving ourselves more than we ever did is, first and foremost, a question of political motivation, and it is going on, but not only. I think we must also quantify the effort to provide, because we can always more when we know better what is needed. If I am told: given the total amount needed today, and knowing what an ordinary subscription means, you have to multiply by x what you usually give, I do not say it will be easy, but I will know what exceptional arrangements I have to make, and I will take them better. The reasons to do everything, we have them. Tell us what today is called "everything". Then, as for the indispensable enlargement of the readership, it is of course an intense effort of conquest to lead. But could not we help with new editorial initiatives? I think of the vast unfulfilled training needs of all, young and old, eager to transform the world of today. From the economic demystification and the historical revelation to the prospection of the many current germs of postcapitalism, there is to say. It would be easy to find, I think, motivated volunteers to feed a column of this kind, accessible and alive in its form as much as it is demanding and stripping in its depths. Adding information training could add a new reason to read Humanity. They murdered Jaures. We will not let die his diary, our newspaper! "

Pascal Boniface Director of Iris

" Humanity is in danger and therefore the information is in danger. It is absolutely essential for the quality and diversity of information, especially on strategic and international issues, that Humanity continues to exist and suggests its difference. Humanity addresses topics that are often ignored by other media, and also brings an original angle to the information being processed, giving a different and original perspective. If this unique voice were to disappear, it would be dramatic for the French public to understand the global issues. The biodiversity of information is at stake, we must mobilize for the Huma cTo exist, it is not necessary to share all the opinions to wish that; it is enough to be favorable to the freedom of expression, which is not conceived without diversity. "

Benamar Mediene Algerian writer, friend of Kateb Yacine

"I am careful and worried about the threats to our historical newspaper. I have great hope to see Humanity to triumph over those who, since his birth, dig his grave and believe that with a nudge the beautiful Jaurésienne will rock and be silent forever. I know that the fight is tough and the capital, powerful, vindictive and cruel. History and the future are on our side. Courage. "

Mouloud Akkouche Writer

"Permanent reader of Humanity? No. Nor of any other daily. I like pecking from one to the other. Without being feet and ideas related to a paper and digital newspaper. But the end of Huma would be a sad news. A "lack of thinking and questioning" in the French press. Even if, like me, we can disagree with its editorial line. I am also critical with Release and other ducks. A non-compliant reader is not a real reader. And an incritiquable newspaper would be a technical sheet. Le Figaro, Current values, Causeur, and other media outlets with the same kind of ideological orientation, have every right to be offered to readers. Even if it defies some. It takes everything to make a world and undo it. In other words, Huma has its place in kiosks and mailboxes as all other titles. Do not forget that he was the first to give a large part to the yellow vests before they endorse and occupy the roundabouts. If you want to know how the invisibles of this country live, immerse yourself among other things in the society pages of this newspaper. Not to mention the literary and cultural rubric in the broadest sense of the term who dares to talk about artists not seen – on TV – not awarded. Many "humiliated little people" and unknown artists have the right to speak. To come out of the shadows. No address book or good friends on the other side of the street. The Huma is a good address for the without. The Huma will she survive? It can not ask an arms dealer or a financial group to run the printing press to keep going. Only the generosity of the donors and the decision of justice will perhaps be able to save him from death. The paper is immersed in a sort of financial coma. Will he get out of this bad luck like the other times? Not at all obvious. The times have changed. The press is more and more in the hands of billionaires. Few newspapers escape the total control of money givers and often orders or injunctions more or less implicit. The social is hardly bankable nowadays. Except for making an editorial buzz. Guere a chance if Huma, permanently on the wobbly deck of toothless or luxury dishes, struggles to survive. The people are apparently reporting more than the populo. But Huma sign and persists in red and yellow. And in all the colors of the present. "

The collective of the everyday He Manifesto

«The writing of the Italian newspaper He Manifesto affirms its full support for Humanity, critical voice for more than a century. At a time when our societies most need the pluralism of the press, with contradictory and serious debates, the journalists of the Manifesto express their friendship with a newspaper that denounces injustice, inequality, discrimination. "

Éric Fassin Sociologist

"We must fight to save Humanity. First, Humanity, it's a quality newspaper. They are not so numerous. And it is important not to resign ourselves to mediocre information: not to take people for fools is to contribute to collective intelligence. Then, Humanity, it is a leftist media, a left that is always concerned about the working classes, and today it is open to minority issues, in short, to a leftist left. How many left in France today are left-wing newspapers? But without this leftist press, in terms of information, "there is no alternative". Finally, Humanity, it's a whole story, that of the twentieth century – for better and for worse. Of course, we are in the 21st century; but we can not afford to forget this recent past that defines our present and will continue to define our future. We have to fight so that lives Humanity. I am convinced that it is a democratic issue in this world of precarious democracy that is ours. "

CGT of Radio France

"Humanity, the newspaper founded by Jean Jaurès more than a hundred years ago, is in danger. In cessation of payments and placed under the protection of the court of Bobigny, the newspaper is no longer master of his destiny. This newspaper is an integral part of the history of the French press, it occupies a singular place. It's one of the few dailies that is not in the hands of a big band or a billionaire. His different view of the political and social news, the struggles of employees in companies, is an indispensable element of the pluralism of the press. His disappearance would be a considerable loss. CGT Radio France gives its full support to Humanity and its 200 employees. Its difficulties once again show the urgent need to review the system of aid to the press, as the CGT has been asking for for a number of years, so that they can be used to support the titles that effectively participate in the pluralism of information. and not to fatten a little more newspapers that are only supports for advertising.Humanity must live! "


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