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Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram hit by global outage

The Facebook logo (illustration). – AFP

Many users of Facebook galaxy applications reported connection problems on Sunday. The Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram platforms were affected by a global outage that lasted more than an hour.

The specialized site DownDetector thus identified a peak of report of problem to connect in France to Facebook from 12:36, to Instagram from 12:37, to Messenger from 12:44 and to Whatsapp from 12:46. 80% of the users of the various applications would have thus encountered problems of connection this Sunday, according to Netblocks. After 15 hours, the number of reports had dropped drastically.

"We are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible"

Facebook has not yet indicated the reasons for the outage. A spokesman for the social network told SkyNews that "some people are currently having trouble accessing our family of apps. We are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible. "

Facebook's failure came a little over a month after another major failure that affected much of the 2.3 billion global users of the platform for several hours. After the incident, the company blamed a "server configuration change".


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